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Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan was named to Bucky Brooks' dream coaching staff

Rex was named a DL coach on Brooks' dream coaching staff

Bucky Brooks constructed a dream NFL coaching staff, with current personnel only, and Rex Ryan was named defensive line coach on the staff.

Say what you want about Ryan, but players generally love playing for him. He knows how to connect with athletes and keeps them motivated. Brooks named Ryan to his dream coaching staff for Ryan's ability to connect with players, as well as his ability to teach younger players.

"Ryan's brash and bodacious personality doesn't always play well in press conferences," Brooks said, "but it definitely helps him connect with the strong-willed characters that occupy the defensive-line meeting room. Most importantly, he is a superb teacher with the knowledge and communication skills to help young defenders grow into monsters along the defensive line."

Ryan is an easy target at times due to his sound bytes, but Ryan is a master motivator and an excellent teacher. In 2016, Ryan will need to be at his best to help the Buffalo Bills end their playoff drought.


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