Buffalo Bills LeSean McCoy's elusiveness makes him part of a perfect RB

McCoy was named part of a perfect running back by Gil Brandt.

Over at NFL.com, Gil Brandt puts together the perfect running back and Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy was a part of the perfect back. According to Brandt, the perfect running back would have McCoy's elusiveness.

Brandt wrote, "This is the kind of guy who can make a guy miss even when the defender is right in his face, almost like a magician, largely by changing direction. We used to say an elusive runner has some trout in him, in that he can zig-zag and run with a loosey-goosey, hard-to-track style. One defensive coach I talked to said he made his linebackers prepare to face McCoy by doing a drill that involved them keeping their arms behind their backs; this was, in his words, meant to help them refrain from "taking the cheese" -- that is, biting on the first move made by the Bills back."

A former Bills running back was also named as a classic example. O.J. Simpson's ability to get square was listed by Brandt.


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