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Former Buffalo Bills QB Tarvaris Jackson was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on his wife

Jackson allegedly pulled a gun on his wife.

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on his wife. According to the police report, Jackson was intoxicated and pointed a loaded gun at his wife before saying, "I'll kill you."


Chris Hush of Central Florida's WESH-TV, an NBC affiliate, went on to report that someone else in the house went on to grab Jackson. This prevented the quarterback from shooting at his intended victim.

Although this is a very serious allegation, Jackson's wife hit the QB with quite the verbal shot during the altercation saying, "You better be accurate because you ain't accurate on the field."


Jackson's wife had an iron and knife for protection during the altercation.

Jackson spent the 2012 season with the Bills, but did not see any time on the field with Buffalo. He was re-signed by the team in February of 2013, but was released in June of that year.


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