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Rex Ryan: 'Season means a hell of a lot to us.'

Rex Ryan opened up about the 2016 to Jenny Vrentas after the passing of his father Buddy Ryan.

It wasn't long ago that Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan opened up to Jenny Vrentas of MMQB about the importance of the 2016 season. Rex and Rob's plan for this season was to restore the Ryan name. The season means even more to the Ryan brothers now after their father, Buddy Ryan, passed away. On his way to Kentucky, Rex Ryan reiterated the importance of the 2016 season to Vrentas

“This season means a hell of a lot to us. Our name, our legacy, means a hell of a lot,” Rex says. “Our dad is recognized as being one of the great defensive coaches, probably arguably the best, in the history of the game. You can’t say he’s not in the top five, certainly. And we’ve been pretty successful through the years ourselves, but nothing like we want to be. We have won five Super Bowls as a family, but we want to win our sixth at some point. And I want to win it as a head coach, because that has never been done in our family. Obviously, it’s not like these teams are going to roll down for us. We have to earn everything we get, and we’re a long-ass way away from it. It’s going to take a ton of work. But I really like my team.”

Vrentas entire piece can be read here: 'He was a Tough Sunofagun'


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