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The Buffalo Bills' YouTube uploads have been revealed

Buffalo's three games have been announced!

In August, the NFL's YouTube channel will upload three classic games for every NFL franchise. On Thursday, the NFL announced which games would be uploaded for each team. Here's a look at the three games that Buffalo Bills fans voted for the most on Buffalo's official Facebook page:

1992 AFC Wild Card -- Bills vs. Oilers 

This game received 51 percent of the vote from Bills. This contest was known for the biggest comeback of all-time in the playoffs. Backup quarterback Frank Reich and the Bills overcame a 35-3 deficit.

1990 AFC Championship game -- Bills vs Raiders (19%)

Whereas the game above was a nail-biter for both the Bills and Oilers, this second game was a laugher. In the 1990 AFC Championship Game, the Bills dominated the Raiders from the start. At the end of the game, the scoreboard favored the Bills 51-3. This game received 19 percent of the vote from Bills fans.

1992 Week #2 - Bills vs. 49ers (13%)

One regular season game made Buffalo's list, but there was nothing regular about this contest. This contest was known as the "No Punt" game. It was the first time in NFL history that neither team punted the ball and the team teams combined for 1,000-plus yards of offense. The Bills ended up edging the 49ers by the score of 34-31. Buffalo's final selection received 13 percent of the fan vote.


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