PFF: Tyrod Taylor has best value contract in the league

Tyrod Taylor has the NFL's best value contract in the NFL.

Pro Football Focus is going over the league's best and worst contracts by position and it's no surprise that Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is No. 1 for best value contract at quarterback. However, PFF didn't just say that Taylor has the best value contract at QB in the NFL, but the analytics site claims that Taylor's deal is the best value contract in the entire NFL.

From PFF's Nathan Jahnke:

1. Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

Years remaining: One

Average remaining cap hit (per year): $3.1 million

Taylor’s deal with Buffalo is not just the best contract for a team among quarterbacks, but also for all positions. Several backup QBs have a higher cap hit than Taylor in 2016, including Nick Foles, Josh McCown, Chase Daniel, Carson Wentz, Chad Henne, Case Keenum and Shaun Hill.

Buffalo isn’t just getting a starting quarterback at backup money, but one that earned an overall grade of 81.8 in 2015, good for-ninth-best among NFL quarterbacks in 2015. Part of the reason Taylor graded so highly is his deep-throwing ability, where his 1,014 deep-passing yards and 12 deep-passing touchdowns were both good for top-five last season. There are talks that Taylor could get an extension before or during the 2016 season, but until it happens, the QB’s current deal is a huge help to the Bills.

As Jahnke noted, Taylor was in PFF's Top 10 quarterbacks last year and several backup quarterbacks will make more money than Taylor this season. Although there are several terrific value contracts in the NFL, Taylor's deal may be the best in the league.


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