Rex Ryan landed at No. 14 on the NFL's Head Coach Power Rankings

Too high? Too low? Just right?

Rex Ryan is known for being loud and boisterous, and sometimes that leads to people forgetting that he's actually a quality head coach. Earlier this offseason, USA TODAY published their head coach power rankings and the Buffalo Bills head coach came in at No. 16.


Recently, Elliot Harrison of published his head coach power rankings and Ryan came in even higher on Harrison's list. Harrison had Ryan at No. 14. Here's what Harrison said about Buffalo's head coach:

14) Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills

Ryan presents a conundrum: How do you weigh past success against present mediocrity? Ryan's teams have been middling for several years, after a fantastic start that saw the coach reach back-to-back AFC Championship Games with the New York Jets. Buffalo competed last year and could be playoff-bound in 2016. But that latter part won't happen unless Ryan is A) right about Tyrod Taylor and B) the D performs for him.

Although it's been a while since a Ryan-led team made the playoffs, he has a terrific chance to get back to the postseason in 2016. This year's offense, on paper, is better than any squad that Ryan had with the Jets and the majority of the defense will enter the season with experience in his defense.


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