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New England Patriots named as Bills biggest rival

Do you consider this to be Buffalo's biggest rivalry?

Who is currently the Buffalo Bills' No. 1 rival? It's an interesting question to ponder. Back in the Super Bowl years, this answer was simple. The Miami Dolphins were far and away Buffalo's biggest rival. Neither team has been too successful as of late and the Bills are 6-2 against Miami since 2012.

Perhaps it's the Jets, Rex Ryan's former team. Then again, neither team has been to the playoffs recently and this has also been a one-sided battle. Buffalo swept the series against the Jets in 2015 and have won the last five games total.

That leaves the Patriots. Whereas the Bills have had recent success against Miami and New York, that hasn't been the case against the Patriots. Tom Brady and company have dominated the Bills and it's hard to consider this a rivalry. Yet, ESPN's Mike Rodak selected the Patriots for Buffalo's biggest rival. 


The Bills have a 4-28 record against the Patriots since 2000, so the two teams are not "rivals" in the traditional sense of two opponents engaging in closely contested games. But it's that underdog, "David vs. Goliath" mentality that gets Bills fans fired up for every meeting with the Patriots and puts New England at the top of Buffalo's list of current rivals. Before Tom Brady was the most hated athlete in Buffalo, the Dolphins held the distinction as the Bills' top rivals, especially during Miami's 20-game winning streak over the Bills in the 1970s. 

Rodak does a good job explaining why the Patriots are Buffalo's biggest rival, but it hasn't felt like a true rivalry. A franchise QB can make all the difference. Although it's not quite the same as Brady's dominance, the Bills with Jim Kelly at the helm were once 11-3 against the Patriots (1988-1994). 

Brady will turn 39 years old in August, so his time in the NFL will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. Perhaps once he retires, the Bills versus Patriots will feel more like a true rivalry.

Do you consider the Patriots to be Buffalo's biggest rival currently? Do you think the Bills currently have a true rival? Talk about it in the Rockpile Forum!


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