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Buffalo Bills CB Stephon Gilmore was named the 3rd best outside CB in the NFL

Buffalo's No. 1 CB receives some much deserved national recognition.

Stephon Gilmore is criminally underrated. For whatever reason, Gilmore is seldom mentioned when it comes to the upper echelon of NFL cornerbacks. That may be changing for the Buffalo Bills cornerback, however, as Sports Illustrated's Eric Single recently ranked Gilmore third in his best outside cornerback rankings.

Via SI.com:

I’m probably higher on Gilmore than most, but the pressure Rex Ryan’s defense puts on the Bills’ corners has me grading his path to stardom on a curve, and when healthy, he’s worth the hype. Gilmore (18) and rookie Ronald Darby (21) both finished in the top 10 in passes defended last season, with Gilmore often staring down each opponent’s top target and saddling Darby with extra work on the other side of the field. If he enters Week 1 with this summer’s expected holdout and last winter’s shoulder surgery both behind him, he should be in for a special season.

The only cornerbacks that Single ranked ahead of Gilmore were Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman. Gilmore was rated higher than the likes of Darrelle Revis, Chris Harris, and Josh Norman. 

Gilmore is entering the final year of his deal with Buffalo and will command a top salary on the free agent market if the Bills were to part ways with him at the end of the 2016 season. Just entering his prime, Gilmore seems to finally be getting some of the national attention that he deserves.


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