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Buffalo Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly received good preliminary results on his biopsy surgery

Jim Kelly received good news based on the preliminary results of his biopsy.

Jim Kelly underwent biopsy surgery on Thursday afternoon after inconclusive cancer scans. Preliminary results have come back and according to Jim's wife, Jill Kelly, the early results show no signs of cancer.

Jill Kelly shared a picture of Jim Kelly giving a thumbs up along with the following caption:


A big thumbs up from JK! 

And a big THANK YOU to God, the doctors and all of you who prayed for Jim today.

Preliminary results from the biopsies show NO sign of cancer!! After he heard the awesome news, he said two things:

"Thank God for all the prayers!" And...

"I need a chocolate milkshake!"


This is encouraging news for the former Buffalo Bills quarterback. Kelly has gone 18 months without any signs of cancer.


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