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Former Buffalo Bills RB Marshawn Lynch taught one camper the art of blocking.

Marshawn Lynch taught one camper some blocking techniques.

Marshawn Lynch is walking away from the NFL with plenty left in the tank. Thankfully, the former Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks running back isn't giving up football completely. Lynch is still teaching the next generation about football.

This weekend, Lynch hosted his 10th annual Fam 1st Family Foundation in Oakland. During the camp, Lynch worked with middle school and high school players on multiple aspects of the game including blocking. In the clip below, Lynch looks like he's protecting Russell Wilson or a large amount of Skittles as he takes on one of his campers. Lynch doesn't let up on the camper and ends up taking the youngster to the ground.

DISCLAIMER: The video contains some profanity.


This camper will always remember the time he went head-to-head with the borderline Hall of Fame back... and if he ever forgets someone on social media can share this video with him at anytime. 


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