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Buffalo Bills Memorabilia Monday: Jim Haslett and Fred Smerlas Cup

Buffalo Football Report's first installment of Memorabilia Monday

Buffalo Football Report is starting a new summer series known as Memorabilia Monday. Simply put, BFR will feature Buffalo Bills memorabilia from various collections throughout the summer. These items don't necessarily have to be rare or expensive, but the more unique, the better. 

First up, a Mr. Donut Cup featuring The Jim Haslett and Fred Smerlas Show on WBEN,

(Ryan Talbot/Personal Collection)

Haslett and Smerlas were two members of Buffalo's Bermuda Triangle. They, along with Shane Nelson, earned the name because opposing players never made it out of their grasp. Their success and chemistry on the field led to a radio show off the field.

The Haslett-Smerlas Show ran from the early 80s through the 1985 season before being dropped by WBEN. The duo played gags and had an entertaining presence on radio due to their chemistry and friendship.

This cup is one piece of history from their show. The cup came from Mister Donut, a franchise that sponsored the show. Mister Donut still exists today and is headquartered in Japan. Their stores are no longer in North America as they were bought out by Dunkin' Donuts in 1990.

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