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ESPN Insider's Future Power Rankings see the Buffalo Bills as the NFL's 28th best team

Buffalo isn't treated kindly by ESPN Insider's future power rankings.

ESPN Insider published their future NFL power rankings and it was pretty unkind to the Buffalo Bills. Luckily for Bills fans, Field Yates, Louis Riddick, Mike Sando don't actually have a crystal ball and cannot see how Buffalo will fare over the next three seasons.

With that said, this trio of writers graded every team's future in the following categories: roster (excluding quarterback), quarterback, draft, front office and coaching out of 100. When the results settled, the Bills came in at No. 28 on the list.

Among the five categories, quarterback was the only spot where the Bills actually gained ground. The writers believe that Tyrod Taylor has a bright future with the team. Roster, coaching, draft, and front office all fell according to their rankings. When all was said and done, here is how Buffalo graded out in the five categories:

Roster 71.7
QB 58.3
Draft 55.0
Front Office 51.7
Coaching 51.7

Buffalo's overall score of 59.5 has them projected to be the AFC East's third best team. Here's a snippet of what each writer said about Buffalo's supposed future.

Yates, handling Buffalo's 'high point,' said, "A trendy team to make more noise than its 8-8 record last season, the Bills have premium talent on both sides of the football."

The 'low point' was handled by Riddick. The writer said, Rex Ryan has made a career out of supposedly being one of the NFL's best current defensive masterminds. But let's take a closer look at what happened to the Bills' defense in 2015, the first season it was under his guidance: They went from first to 31st in sacks and from fourth to 19th in total defense... Given the composition of his coaching staff headed into 2016, I see no reason why the Bills will show better overall team balance this season." Riddick went on to add that he doesn't see Rex Ryan as Buffalo's head coach three seasons from now. 

Last, Sando handled the 'What Could Change' category. "Second-year team owners Terry and Kim Pegula have not been around long enough to form a discernible record," Sando said. "How patient will they be with a GM (Doug Whaley) they inherited? How involved might they become in influencing decisions if the team struggles?"

Again, this is just the opinion of three men and there's reason to take what the trio said seriously. Buffalo has plenty of young and quality talent on their roster and there's a good chance that the defense improves in their second season under Rex Ryan.

You can read the entire article here: 2016 NFL Future Power Rankings (ESPN Insider)


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