(Shawne Gauger)

Buffalo Bills fan gets fantastic birthday cake

Shawne Gauger was 'all-in' when it came to his birthday cake.

As you get older, your birthday loses a bit of its luster. The days of birthday parties with friends are long gone and presents are now practical gifts. The one thing that you can always look forward to is your birthday cake and one Buffalo Bills fan received quite the cake for his birthday.

Shawne Gauger celebrated his 30th birthday with a Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan cake. Gauger shared the photo of the cake that his wife made him on Twitter.


According to Gauger, he had been asking his wife for a Ryan brothers cake ever since the two were photographed riding a tandem bike through Delaware Park in Buffalo.

"She thought I was joking first when i said I wanted that picture on my cake," Gauger said, "until I kept saying it everytime she asked."

Gauger went "all-in" on that cake and hopefully he ate so much of it that, like Ryan's 2016 defense, he appears "fully pregnant."


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