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Marcell Dareus 'hates' that the Buffalo Bills won't face Tom Brady

Dareus wants to beat Tom Brady.

Barring a miracle, Tom Brady won't face the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 of the regular season. Bills defensive lineman Marcell Dareus isn't happy with this news; in fact, Dareus "hates" that he won't face Brady in Week 4.

Dareus joined NFL Network's Total Access on Wednesday and said the following about Buffalo's matchup against the Brady-less Patriots:

"If we win, all right, we win," Dareus said. "But I don't feel like I really won until I beat the guy. I love playing against Brady. I get up for him. I play against him every year, and he knows I'm coming. So for him not to be up there tears me up a little bit. But the second time I see him, I'm going to be excited to play against him."

There's nothing wrong with wanting to play against the NFL's best players, but Brady is 25-3 against the Bills in his career. Furthermore, since joining the league Dareus and the Bills are 1-8 against Brady. 

Dareus may get excited about playing against Brady, but Bills fans will be excited to get a Week 4 win and that task becomes more likely with Brady out of the lineup. 


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