Buffalo Bills should be giddy about Tom Brady suspension

Bills coaches and players should all be thrilled with the news.

Wrestling legend Ric Flair is known for saying, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." It's a sentiment that I can respect and usually agree with, but when you're 3-25 versus "the man" it's time to be okay with winning at any costs. In this case, Tom Brady is "the man" and over the course of his career, he's made the Buffalo Bills the wrestling equivalent of George South.

That's why I completely understood why many Bills fans were thrilled with the news that Brady will no longer pursue having his suspension overturned. It means that the Bills get to face the Patriots in Week 4 without Brady. It certainly doesn't guarantee a victory, but it makes winning in Gillette Stadium more realistic.

Buffalo's Twitter account posted the following on Wednesday after news broke that Brady's appeal was denied.


Patriots fans certainly did not appreciate said tweet and were quick to point out New England's success with Brady versus Buffalo's all-time success in the NFL. It was fair game for Patriots fans to do so, but at the same time those fans should have taken it as a compliment. Brady has made beating the Bills look easy in his career and everyone within the Bills organization should be thrilled about the news.

Yet, not all Bills players were happy with the Brady news. Marcell Dareus went on the record to say that "hates" that Buffalo won't play against the QB in Week 4. 

"If we win, all right, we win," Dareus said on NFL Total Access. "But I don't feel like I really won until I beat the guy. I love playing against Brady. I get up for him. I play against him every year, and he knows I'm coming. So for him not to be up there tears me up a little bit. But the second time I see him, I'm going to be excited to play against him."

Perhaps Dareus truly meant what he said or maybe he was just saying these things because he was on TV, but Dareus' only victory versus a Brady led-team in a full-game came in 2011. It was Dareus' first game against the Patriots and ended on a Bills game-winning field goal. Since that point, Dareus has gone 0-8 against Brady and company.

Buffalo has a lot riding on their 2016 season and some people believe that playoffs are a must for Rex Ryan to keep his job. As Buffalo attempts to end their playoff drought, they should be happy about any competitive advantage they receive throughout the season. For that reason, everyone in the Bills organization should be giddy about playing against the Jimmy Garoppolo led Patriots in Week 4, rather than Brady and company.

If Dareus and the Bills want to feel like they've really won against New England, they'll get a chance to beat "the man" in Week 8. However, in Week 4 everyone from the top to the bottom of the Bills organization should be thrilled about not facing Tom Brady.


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