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The New England Patriots website named the Buffalo Bills as their ninth toughest opponent.

Buffalo finished ninth out of 13 teams.

The New England Patriots have had plenty of success against the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo's fans are well aware of Tom Brady's success against the Bills (25-3) and Bill Belichick may be the greatest coach in NFL history. The last decade-plus has been rough for the Bills when it comes to the Patriots, but Buffalo has a few things working in their favor this season.

First, the Bills won't see Tom Brady on the field during their Week 4 matchup. Jimmy Garoppolo will get the start and although no one knows how the QB will play one thing is certain: He's no Tom Brady. That alone gives the Bills a great chance of winning in Week 4.

In Week 8, Buffalo will face-off with New England at home. The home-field advantage will certainly help and Brady could still be shaking some rust off in his fourth game back. Even if he's not, the Bills have enough talent on both sides of the ball to compete with the Patriots.

Buffalo Football Report won't make any predictions on Buffalo's record against New England this season, but their odds of at least splitting the season series seem realistic.

Despite this, Andy Hart of Patriots.com doesn't see the Bills as one of New England's tougher opponents in 2016. When power ranking New England's opponents, Hart placed the Bills ninth.

9.Buffalo Bills: Rex Ryan’s squad apparently won the offseason. How much they’ll win during the actual season remains in doubt, as does Tyrod Taylor’s ceiling as an NFL starter.

The only teams ranked behind the Bills are the Jets, Rams, 49ers, and Browns. 


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