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Richie Incognito defended Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills on the Colin Cowherd Show

Incognito is staying busy as training camp approaches.

When Richie Incognito isn't using Bill Polian's comments as motivation, he's spending his time defending the Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan. Incognito was a guest on The Colin Cowherd Show on Thursday and Incognito told the host that he had a bone to pick with him over his bashing of the Bills and Ryan.

Incognito defends Ryan's antics and talks about how Buffalo's head coach takes the heat off of his players by doing so. He also adds that Ryan is a straight-shooter and isn't afraid of his own shadow like some other coaches in the NFL. Cowherd talked about not liking Ryan's guarantees, but he did note that he thinks highly of Buffalo's personnel heading into the 2016 season. 


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