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Just like Richie Incognito, Eric Wood is not over Bill Polian's 'aging and unathletic' comment.

Eric Wood echoed Richie Incognito's sentiments on Friday.

Add Eric Wood to the list of Buffalo Bills offensive linemen who are still motivated by Bill Polian's comments about the line. In late December, Polian referred to Buffalo's offensive line as "aging and unathletic." Wood said on Friday that he's not over Polian's comment.


It's fair for Wood to be bothered by Polian's comment. Richie Incognito and Wood are the only starting linemen over 30 years old, so they're who Polian was referring to when he said "aging." That said, both are still playing at a high level as evidenced by the fact that both played in the Pro Bowl last year. 

As for "unathletic," Buffalo's line helped the Bills finish first in rushing last year and gave Tyrod Taylor plenty of time to throw the ball. It's easy to understand why Wood and Incognito are both motivated by the words of Bill Polian.

After Wood's initial tweet about not being over Polian's comments, he shared the following on his Twitter account:



Polian has lit a fire under Wood and Incognito heading into 2016. A little extra motivation never hurt anyone. 

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