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Stephon Gilmore will be playing out the final year of his contract

Stephon Gilmore will play out the final year of his deal.

The Buffalo Bills and Stephon Gilmore are at a standstill and it appears that cornerback will play out the final year of his deal with the team. 


Buffalo picked up Gilmore's fifth-year option and the team's No. 1 cornerback will see a significant raise in 2016. After making a shade over $3.8 million in 2015, Gilmore will be making over $11 million this season. 

No one knows exactly how much money Gilmore's reps are asking for but it's believed to be in the $15 million range, similar to the amount Josh Norman received from the Washington Redskins. Gilmore is arguably coming off of his best season in Buffalo, but the team is hesitant to shell out that type of money to Gilmore. The team's main focus in-season will be focusing on a long-term deal with Tyrod Taylor, so Gilmore's future with the Bills is up in the air.

The Bills drafted Ronald Darby in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft and after a strong rookie season the Bills probably feel that Darby can replace Gilmore in 2017 as the team's top cornerback. That said, if the Bills negotiate a long-term deal with Tyrod Taylor in-season, Buffalo could opt to use the franchise tag on Gilmore to keep him in Buffalo for 2017.


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