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LeSean McCoy told the media that he knows what type of person he is and isn't worried about opinions.

McCoy is at peace with the type of person he is.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy hosted a Play 60 charity event on Saturday before meeting with Harrisburg media. One of the topics that was discussed was McCoy's image. The running back made it clear that he knows some people will paint him in a negative light and he can't change that perception.

"I know what type of person I am and what I do for my community, what type of father I am," McCoy told PennLive.com. "People always have their own opinions. You can't change them. And I'm fine with that."

He added, ""The only opinions that people really get about players is what they see TV or what the media gives them. If the media only paints a picture of a player as this or whatever that may be, then that's what the people see. So I don't really go back and forth about that."

Video of McCoy meeting with the media below comes from PennLive.com


To McCoy's point, countless articles were written across multiple media outlets, including this one, about his nightclub incident back in February. Many of those articles, especially early on in the process, painted Buffalo's star running back in a negative light. There's not much the back can do about how people feel about him and there's no reason for him to try to change their opinions.

Although McCoy cannot change people's opinions, it's important to note that the running back does plenty of good things in his community that go unnoticed. For example, McCoy recently purchased new football and basketball uniforms for the Harrisburg Cougars. McCoy does plenty of positive things that fly under the radar for his community and one incident shouldn't be held against him.



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