Peter King asked an odd question about the Buffalo Bills: 'Can Tyrod Taylor win the QB job?'

An odd question by Peter King to say the least.

We've all been told that there's no such thing as a stupid question. That saying may need to be revisited after Peter King's MMQB question surrounding Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

In his latest MMQB piece, King looks at issues for all 32 NFL teams and his headline for the Bills questioned if Taylor could win the starting QB job.

BUFFALO: Apart from the Rex Ryan drama, can Tyrod Taylor win the quarterback job? Ryan doesn’t even have to try to draw the focus to him anymore, and there’s no question that a 5-11 stinker this year (barring extreme extenuating circumstances) will force Terry and Kim Pegula to fire him. I’m more interested in camp to see Taylor grab hold of the quarterback job and not leave the door open an inch for a lesser player to take it. Without Taylor playing well, this offense is doomed.

This is an odd "issue" to be concerned about as Taylor has already grabbed hold of the quarterback job. The proverbial door that King refers to has been slammed shut, locked, dead-bolted, and boarded up. In other words, there is no quarterback competition. Taylor is far and away the best quarterback on Buffalo's roster and EJ Manuel and Cardale Jones will simply serve as his backups. 

The only line we can get behind is that the offense will be doomed without Taylor playing well. That said, there's no reason to believe that Taylor won't play well after an impressive 2015 campaign.


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