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Sammy Watkins is full speed with certain aspects of his game, but isn't 100 percent just yet.

Sammy Watkins updated Bills fans on his recovery.

Sammy Watkins had a screw inserted into his foot back in April so his availability for training camp was questioned. According to the Buffalo Bills wide receiver, he's 100 percent in quite a few areas but still working in others.

Watkins told BuffaloBills.com, “As far as sprinting and stuff I’m moving and doing that 100 percent. Gassers, 100s, everything in the workout room. Any explosiveness I’m doing that. I’m doing the cuts, but certain things are full speed and certain things aren’t.”

Watkins has been working with Buffalo's strength and conditioning coach and feels that he'll be able to do any individual work on his own.

“I’m prepared to do everything on the side by myself if I need to,” said Watkins. “I don’t know what they’re going to do, so I’ve got my mind right. They might throw me out there. I don’t know. I think if they do I’ll be alright. I know they’re going to do that just to test me.”

Speed cuts are one area where Watkins feels he's not at 100 percent telling Buffalo's official website, “That’s something I’m not comfortable with. I can do any other route except that route. I’m just kind of tense about it. My foot is tense about it.”

Watkins sounds as though he'll be involved at training camp, but he won't rush back.

“Last year I didn’t listen to my body and started off full speed and I had a big setback,” Watkins stated. “So I’m not trying to have any setbacks this year. It’s really about taking your time and getting comfortable again. It’s really with your mind. It’s healed. As I keep going I get faster and faster and faster. No one is telling me what speed to run at. I’m kind of gauging it and I get faster and faster every day. I’m healed.”

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