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Marv Levy will give the Hall of Fame induction speech for Dick Stanfel

The Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame coach will be giving an induction speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On August 6, former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy will give the induction speech for Dick Stanfel at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Stanfel, a former offensive lineman with the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins, will be enhrined posthumously.

One of Stanfel's sons, Rich, told ESPN that Levy was chosen to induct Stanfel as he was known to pound the table on Stanfel's behalf to the senior committee.


“Marv Levy was always the guy pounding the table and going 'you’ve got to consider Stanfel again,'" Rich Stanfel said. “Dick, his career, what he did in his short stay. He said very few people did more than him, particularly with the body of work he’s had.

“Marv was the hugest proponent of getting, if I had to pick one single person, Marv Levy sort of carried the banner for dad.”

Levy had a working relationship with Stanfel according to the ESPN article. Stanfel was hired by Levy to coach Cal's offensive line back in 1963 and the two also worked together on a Philadelphia Eagles staff in 1969. 

This will be the fifth time that Levy has inducted a player into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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