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Buffalo Bills fare well on NFL likability rankings

The Bills and their fans are well liked according to this list.

Stuart Smalley, a Saturday Night Live character played by Al Franken was known for saying, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." You can question whether or not the Buffalo Bills are good enough or if the coaching staff is smart enough to make noise in the NFL this season, but doggone it, people like the team based on one likability ranking list.

USA TODAY's For the Win recently ranked all 32 NFL teams based on likability and the Bills came in at No. 2. What criteria went into this likability rating list? According to the site, they factored in the team's fan base, jerseys, ownership, and how fun the team is to watch. When all was said and done, only the Green Bay Packers were ahead of the Bills. 

The Bills made a solid claim to be number one on this list. The NFL’s lovable losers benefit from the unlikability of its divisional rivals (*cough cough* Patriots), and the team’s diehard fans are always good for a few hilarious videos a season.

As someone who has grown up in Western New York, it's no surprise to see Buffalo so high on a likability list. No fans are more loyal than Bills fans. Despite the league's longest playoff drought, fans of the Bills still pack Ralph Wilson Stadium weekly and support their team. Their uniforms, minus a hideous XFL reject-looking jersey from 2002-2010, have always been sharp, and their ownership is among the best in the league. Last, the Bills are certainly fun to watch on and off the field. Last year, Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense had no shortage of big plays and few coaches are more entertaining than Rex Ryan off the field.


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