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Darius Slay's new contract may help the Buffalo Bills' negotiations with Stephon Gilmore

Slay's new deal with the Lions could benefit the Bills.

The Buffalo Bills and Stephon Gilmore haven't made much progress in contract negotiations. It's been reported that Gilmore's camp wants to see the cornerback receive a deal similar to what Josh Norman is making with the Washington Redskins. Norman's deal will pay the cornerback $75 million over five years and the Bills reportedly are not comfortable giving Gilmore that much money per season. 

Gilmore is prepared to play out the final year of his contract, but that doesn't mean a long-term deal couldn't be worked out sometime before the start of free agency in 2017. On Friday, the Bills may have received a little help in negotiations after Darius Slay agreed to an extension with the Detroit Lions.


Slay's extension will pay him a shade over $12.5 million per season on average and that may be a figure that the Bills counter with for Gilmore. The cornerback's camp wouldn't necessarily agree to the deal that Slay signed, but it could help the two sides meet in the middle. 

Last season, both Slay and Gilmore finished in Pro Football Focus' Top 10 cornerbacks. Slay finished the year as Pro Football Focus' No. 2 cornerback while Gilmore came in at No. 10.


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