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Greg Roman talked about having to adapt as an offensive coordinator

Roman talked with canoe.com about having to adapt to survive in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills offense performed better than just about anyone expected in 2015. Despite having a first time starting QB, various injuries, and new additions on the offensive side of the ball, Buffalo's offense improved significantly from the 2014 season. Buffalo finished first in rushing and 13th in total yards last season and one reason the offense improved so much was the addition of offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Recently, Roman talked with canoe.com about the Bills offense and how an offensive coordinator has to be willing to adapt to survive in the NFL. When talking about what the 2016 Bills offense will look like, Roman stated, "You adapt or die. We’ve eliminated some things, we’ve added some things that are totally new. We’ve added some things that are things that I’ve done in the past, that I feel like we’re ready for now.”

Roman used creative formations in 2015 that confused defenses so it's no surprise to hear the offensive coordinator say that he's added some new concepts this season. Adding that he's adding some things that he's done in the past is also interesting. During his time in San Francisco, Roman's offense greatly benefited Colin Kaepernick's skill-set. Buffalo's QB, Tyrod Taylor, certainly shares many of the same athletic traits as Kaepernick so it'll be interesting to see what old concepts he brings to the Bills offense this year.

In terms of game-planning, Roman told canoe.com that he is as opponent specific as possible when coming up with his offensive play-calls on a week-to-week basis.

"We try to be as opponent-specific as possible," Roman said. "The way we look at it is, How valuable is a win? Can you put a value on a win? I’ll do anything within the rules to win a game. Our players, we ask a lot from them. Our focus becomes what we as an offence have become really skilled at, but at the same time we ask, Where is the opponent really vulnerable? Where can we create favourable opportunities? That’s not something you just kind of dip you toe in the water on. It’s something you really want to commit to as a coach, and I think our players have done a nice job of buying into that. And sometimes the trick is that there is no trick, there are no changes that week, so you have that in your pocket as well.”

Roman's willingness to change his game-plans on a weekly basis is the trait of a great offensive coordinator. While the Bills won't stray away from being a run-first team in 2016, Roman will look to exploit any weaknesses that an opposition has on a weekly basis. 

You can read the entire piece with Roman here: 'Adapt or die': Bills coach Roman says his attack is ever-evolving


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