HOLY CONTROVERSY! Donahoe gets on Fina

Bills general manager Tom Donahoe criticized left tackle John Fina saying that the veteran needs to play better. Saints right end Joe Johnson sacked Rob Johnson three times Sept. 9 – twice because he had penetrated the pocket too much on Fina. On one occasion, Joe Johnson knocked Fina to the ground and took down Rob Johnson.

On the third sack, Fina fired into the right guard on what looked like a designed pass play, which left Joe Johnson all alone with Rob Johnson. Johnson had Eric Moulds open in the left flat, with Fina heading over there to block, but the Bills quarterback decided to take the sack instead of risk a throw. Thus, it was a busted play.

Still, the public criticism of Fina is interesting. Donahoe and Bills coach Gregg Williams have blatantly indicated that no one is safe on the Bills roster if they don't perform – particularly now Fina. It's a whole new way of doing things from the previous regime.

But who would the Bills turn to if they decide to bench Fina? Kris Farris? Farris played left tackle in college, but he wasn't much to behold in the preseason. He held a lot and didn't seem to have the agility to handle speed rushers. The Bills could move rookie Jonas Jennings over to left tackle and put Fina at right tackle, or maybe Farris there. Jennings is actually Buffalo's best bet at left tackle if the Bills choose to make a move. He's been impressive for a rookie.

Of course with linemen, you expect them to get beaten occasionally. What about some of the good plays Fina made vs. the Saints? On the 32-yard pass to Peerless Price in which Rob Johnson had ample time to find his receiver at the Saints' 17, Fina did a fine job. The play helped set up Buffalo's first field goal. Fortunately for Buffalo, Joe Johnson was not in. He had apparently been shaken up from a previous down and Fina was up against Willie Whitehead, who's no Joe Johnson.

The most interesting point to this is how Fina will respond to really the first public criticism by a Bills administrator since he's played in Buffalo. No doubt, Fina is a smart guy. Maybe he'll adjust. His agent, Eric Metz, pointed out that Fina has not healed from off-season right knee surgery.

Fina will be under pressure vs. Colts speed-rushing right end Chad Bratzke this weekend, though Bratzke has only generated two sacks in the last two Colts games.

Today Gregg Williams backpedaled on the comments that Donoahoe made a day earlier regarding Fina.

"John has had some very good plays. I think he's had some very good performances this year and I think he's struggled just as the whole offense has struggled at times. I don't think it's on any one person. I don't think John Fina's the person who causes you not to score touchdowns. As a group offensively we have to get better. As a coaching staff we have to do things to help the players get better. It's not just John."

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