Grumblings in the locker room

It's one thing for Henry Jones to criticize the Bills' new administration and its way of doing things. Though his comments hold some weight because he was a longtime Bill, part of his comments have to be discounted because of the fact he was released and there certainly is going to be some anger. Still, Jones is not off target in his criticism that Gregg Williams . . .

came to Buffalo intent on bringing his style of defense as soon as possible and at any cost, as fans have seen in the two terrible losses to start the season.

Williams' bat-out-of-hell approach unfortunately discounted the accomplishments of the few defensive players left over from the previous administration, even though these players consistently formed one of the top defenses in the league the last three years.

Inside the locker room, I'm hearing grumblings to that effect. The defensive players enjoyed Ted Cottrell's system. It may not have been super aggressive – causing turnovers galore – but it consistently held passers under 200 yards and running backs under 100 yards. It certainly didn't allow 555 yards of offense. That would have been inconceivable.

Right now there is little respect between the players and the coaches, particularly Williams. The defensive players feel like their pride has been ripped out of their chests. The offensive players, on the other hand, prefer the  Mike Sheppard offense to the Joe Pendry offense – that seems fairly obvious.

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