COLUMN: Questions about TE Roland Williams' visit

The Bills had a visitor in camp yesterday but the question I have is, was he brought in soley as someone to possible be added to the team or other reasons?

Roland Williams, formerly of the Oakland Raiders paid the Bills a visit yesterday afternoon. The Rochester, New York native and former Syracuse product is working to come back from a complete tear of the medial collateral ligament and a partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament that he suffered in the Raiders' regular season finale last season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Williams' visit raises questions a few questions concerning him and the Bills. The most obvious question being why was he visiting? As it appears that the Bills don't need any help at tight end. Although it could raise a red flag for the status of Dave Moore's future with the team in part because Moore has been a forgotten man on the Bills this season. As the twelve year veteran has only collected two catches in only two games worth of action this season. All this when it was thought Moore could be the starter this season when the Bills elected to let go of long time starter Jay Riesmersma but instead that job's been given to Mark Campbell, whom the Bills acquired in a preseason trade with the Cleveland Browns. Moore appears to fallen even further down the depth chart as street free agent signee Ryan Neufield has been used more and more in recent games. The question has he fallen so far that the Bills are looking to repalce him with Williams who is younger?

Another spin on the visit of Williams is the Bills could have used him as a point of reference for Willis McGahee's knee. As Roland is believed not to be ready to play again in two weeks but since the Bills are working on limited time to activate their first round draft pick. The Bills would likely deny such thoughts but a comparison of the two knees wouldn't be out of the question.

Either way the visit by Williams definately leaves some unanswered questions that we may never find out the answer to but definately worth thinking about.

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