Turnovers AREN'T happening yet

The Bills defense has been pathetic in forcing turnovers. Through four games it only has three – two interceptions and a fumble recovery. During the last two games, Buffalo's opponents have fumbled seven times, with the Bills failing to gain possession of any of them.

Particularly maddening for Williams is that his defense is based upon bringing enough pressure to get turnovers and fumble recoveries. But it appears Buffalo is not going for the total pressure yet. On some first downs, the defense has opened in the nickel package, depending on what the offense opened with. Williams calls that part of his "cover" packages, which haven't been very stellar.

"When teams get ready to play this defense, if they're going to be extremely quick rhythm of throwing the football, we've got to devote people into coverage, which we have. We've put guys in coverage when we've seen their style of attack against us. And we've had opportunities to have interceptions to capitalize on that, which would then make them make a counter move. We haven't made them make the counter move. The second thing they'll do and you'll see people do a lot of things sending out one or two and only three receivers out. They're max-protecting them. We've got to make them pay when we are in the coverage part of our defense and we haven't done that."

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