Flutie beat CRAPPIER teams as Bills' QB

Flutie beats the creampuffs, while Johnson beats the tough teams. The statistics show it too. Everyone knows that from 1998-2000, the Bills were 21-9 (.700) when Doug Flutie started and 8-10 (.444) when Rob Johnson started. But did you know the opponents Flutie won against were significantly weaker than the opponents Johnson won against? Take a look.

In the last three seasons, the final combined record for the teams that Flutie beat were 150-186 (.446), while Johnson's were 64-64 (.500). That just shows you that, overall, Johnson won against better opponents as compared to Flutie.

In case you're wondering, Flutie played teams with a combined overall record of 239-241 (.498). Johnson played teams with a combined overall mark of 149-139 (.517). That's not a huge difference in record, but it does demonstrate that Johnson played against more formidable NFL opponents than Flutie did as a Bills' starter.

And how about the losses? Flutie's nine losses were against teams that finished with a combined overall 89-55 (.618) record. Johnson's 10 losses were against teams with a combined overall 85-75 (.531) record. Flutie was beaten by better teams than Johnson was.

What does this all mean? Generally, Flutie plays consistently well. He's capable of beating the lesser opponents most of the time, but he's usually not going to knock off the favorites. Indeed, the best team that Flutie beat in the last three seasons was Jacksonville (1998, 11-5). He lost to the 12-4 Jets twice in 1998 and the 13-3 Colts in 1999. Johnson, on the other hand, can upset teams – Tennessee (2000, 13-3), Indianapolis (1999, 13-3), and San Francisco (1998, 12-4) – but he can lose to a San Diego (1998, 5-11) or St. Louis (1998, 4-12).

And this year, as Chargers starting quarterback, Flutie is adhering to his formula. He's played teams that have an overall combined mark of 15-20 (.429) and gone 4-2, while Johnson has played teams that have an overall combined mark of 14-12 (.538) and he's gone 1-4. Flutie's mostly beating up on crappier teams, with the stunning exception of the Broncos.

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