List of Coaching Candidates

Here's the UPDATED rundown list of head coaching candidates for Buffalo from our sources. Updated on January 4th, 2004.

Here's the UPDATED rundown list of head coaching candidates for Buffalo:

Charlie Weis - Patriots offensive coordinator. Interviewed Thursday by the Giants. Was interviewed Friday by the Bills.

Romeo Crennel – Patriots defensive coordinator. To be interviewed by the Falcons later this week. Interviewed with the Giants on Thursday. Interviewed with the Bills on Friday.

Jerry Gray – Bills defensive coordinator. Has already been interviewed by Donahoe.

Mike Mularky – Steelers offensive coordinator.

Dick Jauron - Rumored to be the first the Bills interviewed.

Jim Fassel - Favored by many Bills fans, just lost his head coaching job with the New York Giants. Favored by the Arizona Cardinals and will interview with them on January 3rd. Interested with the Buffalo job and will interview on Tuesday. Already rumored to have a secret deal with the Bills.

Tom Coughlin - Favored to the Giants. Already interviewed with them. Although he has become a Buffalo favorite, it's doubtful Donahoe would hire him. Coughlin will want more control over personnel than Donahoe may allow.

-The coaching decision should be made within the next 2 or 3 weeks, unless Donahoe wants to go with Tom Coughlin.-

Jim Haslett – Has connections with Tom Donahoe from Pittsburgh. Haslett's rumored Buffalo clause in his contract is untrue, turns out he's more interested with the Buffalo job than any other, and probably started the rumor himself.

Dave McGinnis - Ex-Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. More than likely will become assistant coach somewhere.

Dennis Green - Favored by Oakland and Chicago. Arizona also had interest. Highly doubtful he will be interviewed by Donahoe. Our sources tell us he will take a job with Oakland.

Kirk Ferentz - Iowa Head Coach. Defensive minded coach. Donahoe will interview him, no set date yet.

Lovie Smith - St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, interviewed by Atlanta on Monday. Interviewed by the Giants on Tuesday. Will interview with the Bears this week. Donahoe has already interviewed him.

Dan Reeves - Not favored by anyone at the moment. Will likely take a year off, but wants to coach again.

Nick Saban - Has slight interest in NFL head coach position. Highly doubtful he will leave LSU, however the Bears are really interested in him.

Bob Stoops – Slight interest in NFL also, has been contacted by the Falcons.

Stay tuned, we will be constantly updating this coaching list with all the latest developments!

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