Flutie's win over MIAMI was NOTHING!

So Doug Flutie lofted the most famous "Hail Mary" in college football history to give his Boston College Eagles a 47-45 win over the Miami Hurricanes Nov. 23, 1984. Big deal. Why was it so amazing? I mean the Hurricanes were nothing that year. They finished 8-5 with an 18th national ranking in Jimmy Johnson's first season as coach.


But most people recall Flutie's throw and act like it beat the greatest college football team in history – Doug even acts like that too; one time I asked him about it and, without even thinking, he recited his passing statistics AND Bernie Kosar's passing statistics too. That's ego.

The fact is Miami was not that good in 1984. At that point in the season when it played B.C., it was 8-3 and ranked 12th. It was enduring its second worst season of the last 20 years. And two weeks earlier at the Orange Bowl, former Bills QB Frank Reich and the unranked Maryland Terrapins came back from a 31-0 halftime deficit on Miami and pulled off the greatest comeback in NCAA history, 42-40. I think Reich's feat is way more impressive than Flutie's feat.

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