Ostroski ready to go?

Offensive lineman Jerry Ostroski could be back for the Colts game. He's listed as questionable, but Gregg Williams said he's close to being ready. Ostroski, however, may not be playing right guard for Corey Hulsey, where he was playing in the preseason. Williams has been talking to the veteran lineman about possibly playing center, guard or tackle.


He can almost have his pick because the Bills have struggled at all of those positions this season – on the left and right side. During Ostroski's Bills career he has had stints starting at right tackle, center and right guard.

The Bills will monitor Ostroski in practice this week to see if he is capable of playing a whole game on the line. More likely, at least initially, is that he will be platooned in some kind of line rotation.

Hulsey has struggled mightily at right guard, not picking up stunts or not being able to handle one-on-one blocking with a defensive tackle. Conaty has had moments where he's been beaten by strong nose tackles. John Fina and Jon Carman haven't been able to hold up with quicker ends, and Fina has been playing injured. Fina will be getting some extended rest too, Williams said, so it's possible that Ostroski could be playing there.

It's tough to figure the Bills would bench Fina for Ostroski, considering the other problems on the line. It would be better to have more experience on the line with the two in the lineup. I'd be surprised if Ostroski played anything else but right guard this week, if he plays this week. I still say it's a long shot.

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