A whole new APPROACH

When the Bills square off against the Colts this weekend, don't expect a repeat performance of the last game. In fact, the Bills are going to be taking an altogether different approach defensively than the one they took in the RCA Dome during September.


On first downs, Buffalo is likely to be playing a three-man front, dropping eight players in coverage. There may be either four linebackers or five defensive backs on the field in a 3-4-4 or a 3-3-5.

Taking a look at the Colts, they lead the NFL in yardage on first downs with an average of 6.49 yards. Only Kansas City and St. Louis have more. Of course, defensively, Buffalo has given up 6.34 yards per play on first down, which is second worst in the NFL, only to Detroit. Obviously, the Bills are trying to improve on that.

What Gregg Williams seems to be doing on defense and offense is scaling back his schemes in an effort to get his team to walk before it can run. He's trying to get the players confident so he can again turn up the heat later on this season.

Defensively, Buffalo has done a good job stopping San Diego and Jacksonville on third downs – three for 11 (27 percent) and three for 10 (30 percent). The turnovers aren't there yet, and the reason why is because Buffalo is aiming to play more conservatively – exchanging its intent to be aggressive and force turnovers for an unwillingness to give up big plays. Certainly, being aggressive has left Buffalo's defense vulnerable much of the season – just take a look at the first Colts game.

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