Public should not be shocked by Halftime show

I have sat on this for a few days so that my initial emotions would dominate my objectivity in writing this piece. After doing so, I realize that what happened on Sunday during the Super Bowl, not only at "that moment", but throughout the entire halftime show, was par for the course. CBS claiming ignorance and thereby expecting otherwise in this day and age of pop-culture "one-upsmanship" are naïve to say the least. They are also playing the American public for fools through all of this.

Before commencing, younger people reading this may very well say "you're a prude Weiler!" To which my counter would be to simply say that in my "youth" I likely would have thought such "performances" and lewd behaviors to be quite "acceptable." Having said that however, I would never have desired this type of performance during the Super Bowl halftime show or at any other time for that matter. This was prior to enforcing a standard of Christian morals in my life as well as my getting married and having as son and no doubt soon to be another child. As we grow older, the tendency is for most of us to gain wisdom at least in one respect or another. As such, fine, I'm a prude then. But that does not alter the realities of this situation in the least.

But I would challenge those taking such an attitude as to why they are not insulted by singers, "entertainers", Hollywood types, and incredible enormous media conglomerates who appeal to their basest and most instinctive and animal like vices and tendencies. If someone were to pull along side of me in a car and say "here, I'll give you bag of candy if you drop your pants", I would laugh them out of the area. I would expect that the youth would have the wherewithal to do the same.

Yet, among many youth there seems to be a euphoric and accepting reaction to such demonstrations as which occurred during the Super Bowl halftime. Then again, I suppose that the same culture that seems to be able to coerce drunk college women into baring themselves to the world simply for purposes of being on a widely sold video is alive and active here.

I am also not specifically referring to the Timberhead/Jackson debacle alone, but to the overall level of "entertainment" provided at halftime altogether. What do the media and network execs expect when they put entertainment by the "entertainers" such as were employed on stage? A good wholesome family show! Come on now. If they believe that, then they should simply all be fired by the shareholders through the board.

Furthermore, if anyone had conducted themselves in similar fashion either verbally or demonstratively "around the water coolers" in their offices at lunchtime or just about anywhere else in this country for that matter, then surely they would either face incarceration, fines, and/or lawsuits. Yet, on stage it seems that it is perfectly suitable. For those not familiar with what the lyrics of the other singers, please, go look them up online. Their physical innuendoes were visible to all and were also quite clear in their objectives.

Where else in this country can men behave as they did on Sunday either in word or in deed in the face of women and be applauded? I challenge the execs at Viacom and CBS to answer that! In fact, I challenge them, the men that is, to behave thusly in both word and deed towards their women cohorts in their offices this or next week! Let's see what happens then. As well, where is the outrage from the "high level" women's groups around the country? I suppose it is not ‘convenient' for them to express their outrage since the organizations and individuals within them and sponsoring such behavior are some of their biggest sponsors of those womens' groups themselves.

CBS/Viacom execs further play off the American public as complete idiots by stating that this did "not happen during the rehearsals." Gosh, really! What a shocker, eh! How surprising that members of the industry with warnings at music websites of "Explicit Lyrics" would actually perform something that was "less than family oriented." How does the logic here escape the execs at CBS, Viacom, and even the NFL?

It would appear that the execs at both Viacom as well as CBS have completely lost control of their programming. Either that or they think it is time for MTV type programming, which is very often essentially tantamount to soft porn, to hit their regular airwaves. I would not at all doubt if they actually held this belief since it matches their apparent agenda. There apparently is no other explanation when the "inmates run the asylum." I will say this, if this had been many a politician that was responsible, there would be an outcry for heads to roll. I have heard of some outrage, but not of any cries for firings at the top levels of CBS and Viacom.

And to the NFL, why do the execs there even put their faith and trust into the hands of companies like Viacom and CBS and in the likes of the performers who were on stage on Sunday? They should realize that once they hit the stage, all bets are off. Such publicity, while outrageous in circles where families and moral people thrive, are only encouraged and applauded by those outside those communities and even "good business" from that perspective! Forget the fact that those are minority social circles, the NFL and CBS apparently are willing to run those risks in spite of that.

Here's an idea Mr. Tagliabue, try hiring some good old-fashioned singers for next year's game! People who can actually play an instrument and sing at the same time, and I mean well, as well as those who's songs are proven to not be tantamount to discussions about how they just cannot control their sexual urges as if they are wild beasts in an urban environment! That way, guess what? The odds of similar things happening in future years are essentially zero barring a complete mental breakdown resulting in the performers personally going psychotic.

The game began with a tribute to the astronauts of the next shuttle crew as well as a tribute to the crew of the ill-fated Challenger. Why could the same theme have not carried on through the rest of the game and the halftime show? I would rather have seen just a float of Mickey Mouse coming through with the new cast of today's equivalent of the "Mickey Mouse Club" out there singing related songs. What's wrong with some of the outstanding country music entertainment singing about our nation or love and family? How ‘bout an NYPD or NYFD quartet? How ‘bout a "hometown talent" theme with barbershop quartets or some other entertaining grassroots talents? There must be a million options to put out there on the field that would not offend a good chunk of the entire world! There should be no dilemma. We will see next year whether or not the NFL has truly learned their lesson and taken this all seriously to heart, or not.

Lastly, this entire incident should not come as a shocker to anyone given the direction that the pop music industry has taken in recent decades. Madonna started it all off for the most part with her primetime onstage erotic and sexual antics in full lingerie two decades ago during one of the music awards shows and it has simply snowballed ever since. Follow-on copycats have merely followed suit.

An "entertainer" in the modern day pop music industry no longer needs to be able to play an instrument or even sing with the best of them. It's mostly about perceptions, sex appeal, and overall immoral shock value for the most part. It has little to do with "music" as defined in Webster's Dictionary.

The fewer clothes you have on, the more demeaning and degrading the lyrics to the songs, the more lewd the performances, the more sexual the innuendoes, the bigger and more seductive the "T & A" are now the standards for success in the industry. They can teach you how to sing as long as you have the bod! Musical talents? Ahhh, a mere technicality! The days of Rush, Journey, Chicago, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, etc. appear to be over. No talent required today. Just a "healthy set of double Ds" and a willingness to flaunt them publicly in a "less than artistic" manor. Choreography is king.

Was I surprised? No. Was I expecting this during the Super Bowl? No. Was I angry that my nearly 3 year old son had seen most of it as I could not divert his eyes in time? Absolutely. I missed most of the halftime show because I simply knew that I would not care for whatever CBS thought was good entertainment for the halftime. I had no idea it was going to be as raunchy, crass, and offensive as it was however. I was busy collecting stats from my PC and getting some drinks and such. I only cringe that my son was left without me to view the trash and sludge that permeated the entire halftime show.

I will say this, apparently next year I will have to tape the show in one room, then bring the tapes in a quarter delayed so that the children present can view the game in peace and without all kinds of moral affronts occurring. I have taken CBS off of my auto scroll on my TV and simply will not watch that network for a good long while through this year at minimum without regard to what they run. That is my response to all this. MTV and VH1 have been off since I have had access to them. There are simply too many competing elements for my time these days to even spend time investigating other lesser wholesome options.

As to the culture behind this, no one should have been surprised per se. In my opinion, what is more surprising was the degree to which the trash permeated the entire halftime show after reviewing it after the fact. It was more than the one moment where Timberhead tore Jackson's breast covering off of her like a person who would normally be arrested or sued for date rape if the occurrence had taken place just about anywhere else or at any other time in modern day America. Women's groups and other silent organizations would be all over it under those circumstances.

The ironic thing is that movies with all of these immoralities, events such as this one, and others like them, are money losers and do not bring about good will for the conglomerates who own them. It's the family rated films and the truly decent movies that make the most money. Michael Medved is an expert in this area and any statistics and data supporting that can be obtained via his research and findings. Clearly, the impact here for Viacom and CBS will be far more negative than positive in terms of the bottom line. Yet, this garbage continues. Why?

Clearly there's an agenda in Hollywood by those at the top as well as in the pop music industry. In fact, sexual appeal is clearly more important in today's "music" industry than pure voice or ability to play a musical instrument even. That much cannot be denied. What can be denied is a floor for them to air this drivel involving the NFL and in the biggest media event originating out of the U.S. in modern day media history.

So when top suits at CBS and Viacom come sing their sob story about how they did not know because this "didn't appear in the rehearsals," just remember that they are treating you, the reader here and the entire American public like idiots and dolts who will leap to believe what they are spoon feeding you. I believe that you are all a "wee bit" more intelligent than to gobble up their half-hearted self-serving apologies.

As well, all around the world in what I believe is the most watched program world wide other than the World Cup games, the entire world is forced to air this dirt on their public broadcasts without any foreknowledge. While many in America have no issue with a complete and utter lack of morality, perhaps some other countries do. I realize that there are an entire host of issues with militant Islam today, but I also happen to know that most Muslims adhere tightly to a set of moral standards and codes that do not include such debauchery as was aired during the Super Bowl.

Yet, we wonder why many nations hate America. Those sponsoring this sludge will point their fingers at the president and the war effort. Yet, it is trash just like this that infuriates many of the peoples of those nations far more than our own self-respect as a nation that defends itself. It also shows a complete and utter disrespect for all of those peoples around the world who would otherwise not allow such trash to come across their airwaves.

The entertainment value for such "entertainment" caters only to a small minority of viewers worldwide and quite frankly, is bereft of any entertainment value to the vast majority of viewers otherwise. The primary beneficiaries are teens. Many of those who are not particularly affronted by the trash nature of this type of "entertainment" are simply disinterested in the music style itself. Why shouldn't they be? There are many other options that fit the definition of "music" far more than angry, anti-female, and completely debaucherous productions posed by the pop music icons.

As to the NFL, this type of "stuff" is perfectly controllable! Perfectly! Here's what to do Mr. Tagliabue; send off a letter to CBS/Viacom, and to the industry organizations in general stating that since they apparently have lost complete control of their own businesses, that the NFL will no longer be using their "services" in future halftime shows. Then stick to that stance through at least 2010 and then reevaluate to see if the industry has transformed itself to the point where you wish to run similar risks in the future. If not, then simply extend the moratorium through 2020 and repeat the process.

Simple, right! Because surely, the pop music industry is this type of behavior, action, and lyrics. To expect any different is expecting a leopard to change its spots.


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