Bills Roundup

Van Miller's surgery, new secondary coaching hire, and more on Drew Henson.

Van Miller has been recovering from surgery for diverticulitis this week.

The Bills have hired Steve Szabo as new secondary coach to replace Steve Jackson. Szabo was an assistant with the New England Patriots in 2003. Before that, Szabo was with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There is some talk going around that the Bills are interested in Drew Henson (former quarterback of Michigan). Henson was drafted by the Houston Texans last year, however he decided to play third base for the New York Yankees. Recently, Henson announced his plans to quit baseball and return to football. If he does return, the Texans will still have rights to him, but are looking to trade him. Donahoe's comments in press conferences referring to Henson haven't been too leading, but he has said the Bills are looking for a young quarterback to develop. Henson will be having a workout open to NFL teams on February 12th, 2004 in Houston. So far, Arizona and Pittsburg are the only confirmed teams that are attending the workout. BillsReport will have more on this very soon.

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