Free Agent Focus: Cs

Today we continue our look at free agents to be that the Bills could add and focus on the position of center.

It's not that current Center Trey Teague has played bad, if Teague's play can be described it would be inconsistant. Now part of the reason could be part of his adjustment to playing there again after not playing their since his college days. Plus he has never really had any kind of competition since being signed from Denver two seasons ago. So while it might not be high on the team's needs, the position might be addressed if only to add depth or someone will be added to put the perverbial fire up's Teague's butt to perform better. Today, we will focus on those centers expected to be on the open market next week.

Tops on the list is Damien Woody of the current Super Bowl Champion and hated division rival New England Patriots. While Woody is a fan favorite we don't see the Bills going after him for two reasons. 1)He no longer plays Center as he's been regulated to guard by the Patriots on a full time basis because he can not shot gun snap (something that Teague has struggled with as well) and 2)He'll likely command too high of a salary to even consider and probably going to be the Patriots number 1 concern this offseason. While he be a great fit at right guard there are quite a few players that could fill that role that we previewed yesterday.

Next on the list is Ravens' Center Mike Flynn. Prior to landing in Baltimore he was a no body who had stops in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. He started at guard for the team in 2000 and was shifted to Center in 2001 and been a mainstay ever since. He's only missed one start since then and could be an ideal replacement for Teague but it's doubftul the Bills would add him as we personally feel the Bills might instead be looking, in order to save cap money, for a backup that can challenge Teague for the spot.

Chris Bober's name might draw interest from some as he has been a starter for the Giants the last two seasons. He's also been linked to the Bills because of the team's addition of Jim McNally as offensive line coach, who had coached the Giants prior to joining the Bills. Again the questions concerning Bober is if he's enough of an upgrade to Teague that he'd be worth spending the free agent dollars on.

Cory Withrow could be the type of layer the Bills are looking to sign. As he's only started 1 game in four seasons in the NFL but is an adequet backup that could be hungry enough to want to push Teague for the starting spot. He can also serve as a special teams player for the Vikings most of his career including as an emergency back up long snapper.

Join us tomorrow when we look closely at the free agent's to be on the other side of the line that we feel could help the Bills.

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