Free Agent Focus: CBs

We continue to look at the defensive side of the ball and free agents the Bills might sign this off-season and focus at CB. As we reported last week staring CB Antoine Winfield is due to be an unrestricted free agents and plans to test the open market. One thing the Bills will have in their favor is there's expected to be a plethora of CBs out there and like last year with regard to linebackers will likely be to easily find someone if they lose Winfield.

The player top on the Bills wish list could be none other then Antoine Winfield. Why? Well because defensive coordinator, Jerry Gray has made no secret that he likes Winfield and he's a known quantity. Who better to sign then someone has started for this team the last four years. Not to mention he knows the defense and has a relationship with opposite corner Nate Clements being both were teammates at Ohio State.

Speaking of former Ohio State corners on the market the next guy on the Bills wish list could be Ahmed Plummer of the San Francisco 49ers. Plummer gives the Bills the same package that Clements does. That's to say he is a strong cover corner with the ability to pick off a pone thing that Winfield struggled with. Plummer could be on the Bills radar because he won't command the top dollar figures now that Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson and Chris McAllister have been franchised and essentially "off" the open market.

The "original" Ohio State corner, Shawn Springs is expected to hit the market, but the Seahawk has struggled to return to the form that made him the 3rd overall pick in 1997. Though if the Bills are looking for a guy to hold down the position for a year in hopes that nickel and dime backs Terrance McGee and Kevin Thomas continue to develop Springs could just be the guy.

Another guy that could fill that role is Troy Vincent. The 13 year veteran is expected to leave the Eagles after the team drafted two corners in the 2002 draft in order to prepare for his and teammate Bobby Taylor departure this season. Though Vincent's play has not tailed off despite his age as he collected three picks in 13 starts last season.

Vincent's teammate Bobby Taylor could be on the Bills list. Though he hasn't been as sturdy as Vincent and is coming off a season which he missed 9 games to injury. Though Taylor isn't as strong and coverage but has better size and is younger then Vincent his price tag might be out of the Bills range to move him down our list of viable options.

If the Bills are looking for another shut down CB with a little less experience then Vincent or Taylor they could look to lure Fernando Bryant who is expected to be available and released by the Jaguars for salary cap reasons. Though Bryant is similar to Winfield is he's not one to get interceptions having only collected 5 in his 5 year NFL career.

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