Bills agree to terms with CB Troy Vincent

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to terms with free agent CB Troy Vincent.

Troy Vincent's agent has told the AP that he has agreed to a six year contract with the Buffalo Bills. Vincent selected Buffalo instead of Cincinnati and Kansas City who were also courting the Unrestricted Free Agent.

Vincent joined the league in 1992 as a first round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins where he spent his first four years in the league. He joined the Philadelphia Eagles as an unrestricted free agent in 1996 where he spent the last eight seasons including making the Pro Bowls five years in a row.

Vincent was signed in order to address the loss of cornerback Antoine Winfield, a four-year starter who signed with Minnesota Vikings earlier this month. Winfield is a strong tackling CB, but is limited in his ability to get interception, getting only six in his five seasons with the Bills. By comparison, Vincen has 42 career interceptions, including three last year.

In other free agent news the team also had a visit with QB Billy Volek. If signed Volek would probably replace an aging Alex Van Pelt as the second team QB and might even get a chance to compete with Drew Bledsoe for the starting job.

Finally, the team also chose to retain starting center Trey Teague by giving him his two million dollar roster bonus due today. This comes on the heels of free agent Chris Bober signing with the Chiefs as it was thought he might join the Bills due his connection to current Bills O-line coach Jim McNally.

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