Johnson GONE likely FOUR GAMES!!!

Bills coach Gregg Williams was reluctant to put a time frame on the length of healing time for Rob Johnson's broken right clavicle, but Bills fans can likely expect to see backup QB Alex Van Pelt play for the next three to four games, if not longer.


Johnson's injury was the direct result of being sacked by New England cornerback Terrell Buckley Sunday in the fourth quarter of Buffalo's 21-11 loss. Williams said the bone wasn't broken in four places, as some media outlets had reported.

Johnson wasn't available for comment because he was in California attending his grandfather's funeral. Johnson's grandfather had passed away this weekend.

Van Pelt will probably start vs. Seattle, Miami, at San Francisco and vs. Carolina. Johnson could be back for the Dec. 16 home game vs. New England. Williams refused to speculate when Johnson might return – the same thing he did when Jerry Ostroski broke his right leg during the preseason.

According to InteliHealth, an Aetna insurance medical web site with content reviewed by Harvard Medical School, "If your fracture is treated without surgery, you will probably be able to return to your normal level of physical activity once the ends of your collarbone have healed back together, and the healed area is firm. This usually means waiting for at least six weeks after your shoulder strength and range of motion have returned to normal. In some cases, X-rays may be necessary to confirm that your collarbone has healed completely. If you need surgery to repair your fractured collarbone, it may take four to six months before you can return to strenuous activities at work or on the playing field."

Williams did not mention Johnson needed surgery. However, the Bills doctors will reevaluate Johnson's situation in one week, which will enable them to determine his long-term prognosis.

If Johnson returns after four weeks, that will be a miracle.

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