TNB Host to focus on Mike Mularky's history

Tonight on Thursday Night Bills, tune in and listen to Mark Weiler throw out some facts from head coach Mike Mularky's past. More inside...

Upon new coach Mike Mularkey's hire, the media has been all over "what Mularkey did with Maddox and Stewart." What did Mularkey do with them? If he manages to do the same with Bledsoe will fans be content? If Bledsoe plays up to his 1996/1997 standards this season, his best seasons ever, will that be enough for fans? Will it be enough for the Bills to contend?

This week on Thursday Night Bills, host Mark Weiler takes a look at exactly what Mularkey did with both Maddox and Stewart. So do your homework and see if your take agrees with Mark's. If not, call in and let him have it!

The show begins at 8:05 p.m. and can be heard online at

Your calls will be taken toll free at 1-877-913-9739. So bring your passion and get into a spirited debate with Mark!

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