Complete Review: Bills Undrafted Free Agents

Complete scouting reports and profiles on all of the undrafted free-agents the Buffalo Bills have signed since the conclusion of the draft.

[PREMIUM]Scouting reports compiled by TFY Draft Preview and analyst Tony Pauline.

Name: Nathan Chandler School: Iowa Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-6.5 Wt: 251 40: 4.97 Pos: QB

Bio: First year starter who completed 53.7%/2040/18/10 as a senior. Began his career at Texas Tech but left the program after sitting behind Kliff Kingsbury and transferred to Pasadena City College before eventually ending up in Iowa.

Pos: Tall, patient pocket passer with some potential for the future. Buys time, does an adequate job reading defenses and finds the open wide out on the field. Sells his ball fakes and throws with solid fundamentals.

Neg: Lacks the pinpoint accuracy and pass placement. Does not drive the deep throws or possess top arm strength. Forces the ball in on occasion and not very accurate outside fifteen yards.

Analysis: Chandler has the size to work with and above average mental skills but needs a lot of time and repetition to have any shot of being a third quarterback at the next level. Potential practice squad player who should spend a year or two developing in NFL Europe.

Name: Isaac Mitchell School: Idaho State Year: 5Sr
Ht: 5-11 Wt: 232 40: 4.72 Pos: RB

Bio: Two-year starter that's led the team in rushing since his junior season. Carried the ball 216 times last year for 883 yards with 9 scores and also caught 40 passes for 271 yards with another pair of touchdowns. Junior rushing totals were 182/968/12 with 32/329 catching the ball out of the backfield. Second team All-Conference selection as a junior. Has averaged more than 6 yards per attempt the past three seasons after carrying the ball almost 475 times.

Pos: Well built runner best between tackles. Runs with good vision, patience and quickly finds the running lanes. Weaves his way through the traffic, resilient and falls forward when tackled. Tough and plays with pain. Solid receiver out of the backfield with reliable hands. Blocks in pass protection.

Neg: Can not cut it back or create if nothing is available. Not a quick or explosive ball handler and lacks skill outside the tackle. Can not run to daylight and, though consistent, does not break the long run.

Analysis: A solid collegiate runner, Mitchell lacks the pure speed to be an every down runner at the next level. His combination of pass catching skills, interior size and tenacity could prompt a move to fullback or find him a spot as a short yardage runner in the NFL.

Name: Shaud Williams School Alabama Year 5Sr
Ht: 5-7.5 Wt: 193 40: 4.76 Pos: RB

Bio: Led the Tide in rushing as a senior with 280/1,367/14, also adding 24/161/1 as a receiver. Junior totals were 130/921/5 on the ground with 21/228 as a receiver. Began his career at Texas Tech in 1999 and posted 112/658/7 on the ground as a true freshman. Has torn the posterior cruciate ligament in both knees.

Pos: Quick, elusive ball carrier that nicely fits in as a third down back. Displays vision, instinct and terrific patience. Runs with a darting style, bounces it to the outside and has a burst of speed. Good first step quickness which freezes defenders. Follows blocks at the line or down the field, quickly cuts back against the grain and gets into the open area. Runs low to the ground and gets lost behind lineman. Works to come free as a receiver and displays soft, natural hands with the ability to pluck the pass out of the air.

Neg: Small, cannot take a pounding on the inside nor is he a back that picks up yardage off initial contact. Marginal blocking skills and at times gives half hearted efforts.

Analysis: An explosive back best on the outside, Williams combines a variety of skills and produces any time the ball's in his hands. A skill player that can be lined up at several spots and will be effective touching the ball five-to-ten times a game in the NFL.

Name: Luke Lawton School: McNeese State Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 237 40: 4.7 Pos: FB

Bio: First team All-Conference fullback who carried the ball 75 times for 264 yards with 4 scores as a senior, and also caught 19 passes for 134 yards with 2 more touchdowns. Junior totals were 80/411/7 on the ground, and 24/264/3 as a pass catcher. Full-time starter as a red-shirt freshman, posting 57/342/7 on the ground and 11/75/2 as a receiver.

Pos: Hard working, blue collared prospect that does the little things well. Plays with good lean, squares into opponents and likes physical contact. Attacks his assignments, displays jolt at the point of attack and turns defenders out blocking to the run. Displays vision and patience whether blocking or carrying the ball. Powerful short yardage runner who leaves a trail of defenders behind him and puts his shoulders down into opponents, falling forward when tackled. Solid short yardage receiver who extends his hands and catches the pass away from his frame.

Neg: Not quick or explosive, nor is he effective outside of tackle. Lacks adjustment and does not play to his forty speed. More of a safety valve out of the backfield rather than a true pass catching threat.

Analysis: Though not spectacular in any single aspect, Lawton is effective and reliable in all his duties. Has potential to grow both physically and on the football field, and his tenacity combined with his work ethic makes one believe he'll reach his uppermost level. May need a little time and may go undrafted but should catch on at the next level.

Name: Kevin Beard School Miami-Fl Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 180 40: 4.55 Pos: WR

Bio: Turned in receiving numbers of 19/249/1 as a senior, 23/262/4 during his junior campaign and 25/409/2 as a sophomore. Suffered a torn ACL in his right knee during the late part of his junior season.

Pos: Thin framed receiver who lacks the top size/speed numbers for the next level. Quickly gets off the line of scrimmage into routes, runs good patterns and gets separation in the short field. Finds the open spot in the defense, comes back to the quarterback then adjusts to pluck the ball out of the air. Displays a nice sense of timing, gets vertical and high points the ball.

Neg: Not strong, physically beaten by defenders and possesses only marginal speed. Started strong as a senior then fizzled as the campaign proceeded.

Analysis: A solid collegiate wide out with just average potential for the next level, no single aspect of Beard's game stands out. Lacks the size to be a possession receiver and the speed to be considered a burner though his football awareness could help him catch on as a fifth wide out.

Name: Jason Peters School Arkansas Year 4Jr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 336 40: 5.02 Pos: TE

Bio: Two year starter and second team All Conference selection as a junior after catching 21/218/4. Finished his sophomore season with 4/37/0 after spending the first half of his freshman campaign as a reserve defensive lineman.

Pos: Large, athletic tight end that stands out on the field. Blocks with leverage, strength and turns defenders from the play. Annihilates linebackers on the second level, gets movement from run blocks and effective when he stays with the action. Fluid releasing off the line into pass routes, runs well and displays soft hands. Gets vertical for the reception and makes the difficult catch in contorted positions.

Neg: Not quick off the snap or explosive into blocks. Gets lazy and leans on opponents rather than blocking them. Lets the pass get into his frame. Not overly alert or a prospect that shows great wherewithal.

Analysis: A physical specimen with great natural gifts, Peters has the skills to be a dominant and complete tight end if not a very athletic left tackle. Will have trouble playing a position at 320 pounds and must shed weight but a prospect with a large upside.

Name: David Phillips School Stephen F. Austin Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 297 40: 5.56 Pos: T

Bio: All-Conference and All-American performer the past two seasons. Manned the left tackle spot for SFA since his sophomore campaign, after seeing spot duty at center.

Pos: Quick, heady lineman who plays better than his computer numbers would dictate. Blocks with nice pad level, bends his knees and works to stay square. Immediately gets his hands into defenders, displays strength at the point and controls opponents once engaged in a block.

Neg: Bends at the waist, lacks balance and adjustment. Overextends and on the ground too much. Not explosive and best in a small area.

Analysis: Though a left tackle in college, Phillips may be better off inside at guard in the pros. Does not have a great upside and must improve the strength of his base to have any shot at the next level.

Name: Constantin Ritzmann School Tennessee Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 259 40: 5.01 Pos: DE

Bio: Started thirteen games as a senior, finishing with 52/5.5/3. Sat out the '02 campaign after suffering a knee injury.

Pos: Hard working edge rusher with limited upside for the next level. Plays with excellent pad level, fast off the corner and works to wedge through blocks. Quickly changes direction or immediately alters his angle of attack. Hustles and works to makes a play on the ball.

Neg: Not strong at the point and held up at the line by opposing tight ends. Marginal skills playing in space.

Analysis: While Ritzman worked hard and successfully returned from his knee injury of he is an undersized pass rusher with marginal speed for the next level. Applauded for his work ethic which could help him catch on as a team's eighth defensive lineman.

Name: Michale Spicer School Western Carolina Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-1.5 Wt: 260 40: 4.69 Pos: DE

Bio: All-Conference selection as a senior after posting 38/14.5/6.5. Broke into the starting lineup as a junior and totaled 56/26/11.

Pos: Explosive defensive end who makes a lot of plays up the field. Quick off the snap, plays with good pad level and gets underneath blockers. Plays with balance, rarely off his feet and a high revving defender that goes hard until the whistle blows.

Neg: Lacks bulk and height, handled at the point of attack or engulfed by opposing lineman. Has great difficulty if opponents run in his direction.

Analysis: A solid athletic prospect, Spicer does have limited growth potential. Solid special teams player in college and could fill that capacity while being a pass rush specialist in the NFL.

Name: D.D. Acholonu School Washington State Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 232 40: 4.75 Pos: OLB

Bio: Moved into the starting lineup as a senior and proceeded to post 52/21/16.5 after totaling 31/10/6.5 as a junior and 19/15/9.5 the prior year. Lined up at defensive end in college.

Pos: Athletic prospect that brings a great degree of explosion to the game. Quickly gets off the ball out of a three point stance, rushes the edge with speed and immediately alters his angle of attack. Fast pursuing the ball carrier from behind and makes plays in all directions. Effective off the line of scrimmage, displays outstanding range and plays with balance.

Neg: Undersized and must run around blocks. Only average ball skills in space.

Analysis: After a terrific senior campaign, Acholonu is now a legitimate pro-prospect. Stands out on tape but needs repetition and experience making plays in reverse. Solid long term developmental prospect.

Name: Daryl Towns School Nevada Year 4Sr
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 230 40: 4.75 Pos: ILB

Bio: Led the team in tackles as a senior registering 97/8.5/2. Missed two games with a dislocated shoulder as a junior but still posted 66/3/0. after originally leading the team in tackles as a sophomore with 103. Cousin of Carolina Panther linebacker Lester Towns.

Pos: Resilient run defending linebacker with a good degree of athleticism. Plays with leverage, fires up the field and stacks well against the run. Scrapes to the outside, snuffs out the ball carrier and wraps up tackling. Improved his instincts as a senior.

Neg: Slow adjusting off the initial block and does not redirect to the action well. Better up the field in a straight line and lacks the quick change of direction.

Analysis: Though he flashes playing ability and explosion at times, Towns never took his game to the next level. Lacks the top size to play in the middle and must improve his play in pass coverage to have a shot on the weakside.

Name: Rashad Baker School Tennessee Year 4Sr
Ht: 5-10.5 Wt: 204 40: 4.59 Pos: S

Bio: Started forty-one of forty-five games since the 2000 season. Posted 71/1/5 as a senior also averaging 11.1-yards on 11 punt returns. Junior totals were 60/5/7 after a sophomore season of 71/4/7.

Pos: Athletic, pass defending safety that displays terrific ball skills. Instinctive, quick reacting to the ball and flashes on the scene. Solid cover techniques, excellent sideline-to-sideline range and skills in zone coverage. Tracks the deep pass getting vertical to defend the throw.

Neg: Not aggressive in run support, gathers into tackles then has then broken. Lacks the great size for free safety.

Analysis: Baker is a prospect who really stood out after his sophomore campaign and took hold as a top flight safety. His game has since leveled off has the underlying cover skills to be a solid nickel back and could turns out to be a real bargain during the draft.

Name: Mark Graham School Buffalo Year 5Sr
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 200 40: 4.58 Pos: S

Bio: Led the team with 84/1/3 last season after 89/6/13 the prior season, again leading the defense. Started at cornerback as a sophomore and finished with 55/2/12.

Pos: Solid cover-safety that makes a lot of plays. Fluid back pedaling in reverse, smooth in his hips and quick diagnosing the action. Displays adequate sideline-to-sideline range and runs with receivers in man coverage.

Neg: Though he makes a lot of tackles, not one that flies around the football. Lacks explosion and suddenness.

Analysis: Buffalo's top defender, Graham has the skills to be a dime back at the next level. Has adequate size/speed numbers and can also flourish on special teams.

Name: Jabari Greer School Tennessee Year 4Sr
Ht: 5-10 Wt: 178 40: 4.44 Pos: CB

Bio: Posted 58 tackles as a senior and broke up 3 passes. Junior totals were 28/1/14 after a breakout sophomore campaign which included 38/1/13.

Pos: One time promising prospect whose game has seemingly regressed the past two seasons. Smooth transitioning off the line, reads receivers eyes and fluid turning back to make a play on the ball. Explosive breaking on the throw, tracks the pass and alert in coverage. Physical and bumps receivers or comes up the field to defend the run.

Neg: Plays back on his heels and does not display a closing burst of speed. Prefers to side shuffle and lacks the fluid footwork.

Analysis: A prospect with adequate size/speed numbers for the next level, many feel Greer has become complacent since his early success at Tennessee. Has not shown that football is a priority in his life and as a result will slip down draft boards.

Name: Lawrence Richardson School Arkansas Year 4Sr
Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 194 40: 4.61 Pos: CB

Bio: Three year starter academically ineligible to play as a freshman. Posted 39/0/5 last season after recording 49/4/13 as a sophomore. Led the SEC with a school record 20 pass deflections in 2001.

Pos: Undersized yet athletic corner who makes a lot of plays on the ball. Quick footed back pedaling off the line, fluid turning to run and loses nothing in transition. Tracks the deep ball and gets vertical to high point the pass, batting the throw away. Reacts well in zone.

Neg: Falls asleep, blows assignments and relies on speed to make up for mistakes. Lacks top hands and does more hitting than wrap up tackling.

Analysis: A cover corner with solid natural skills, Richardson is best facing the quarterback in a scheme that does not require him to cover a lot of area. Must start to do more than rely on his innate abilities and put forth the effort to become a complete player.

Name: Johnny Lamar School Florida Year 5Sr
Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 180 40: 4.51 Pos: CB

Bio: Former walk-on who started thirteen games as a senior totaling 90/2/10. Key backup as a junior and led the program with 16 special teams tackles.

Pos: Hard working corner who took his game to another level as a senior. Aggressive, works to defend the run and wraps up tackling opposing ball carriers. Quickly plants then breaks on the pass, displays a good move and works to get a hand in to deflect away the throw. Runs downfield with opponents and possesses a burst of closing speed.

Neg: Better facing the quarterback and does not always correctly timing his pass defenses turning back to the ball. Lacks the quick footwork and slow in transition.

Analysis: After being primarily a special teams player for two seasons, LaMar did an solid job when thrust into a starting role last season. More of a zone cornerback, he could develop into a sold dime defender in the NFL.

Name: Deon Giddens
School Tennessee StateHt: 5-10 Wt: 180 Pos: CB

Bio: Led team with 65 solo tackles and second overall with 82 total stops in junior season. Led team with five interceptions and second on team with 13 pass breakups as a sophmore. Team Defensive MVP of both 2001 and 2002 Southern Heritage Classic games. Made 31 solo among 60 total tackles as a sophomore. Started as a redshirt freshman in 2000, making 34 total stops with four pass breakups.

Name: Tony CaseSchool Adams State College
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 285 Pos: LS/G

Bio: Team’s top offensive lineman. Moved to right guard as junior after spending last season at the center position. Handled long-snapping duties.


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