Hulsey SACKED in O-line lineup shakeup

It finally looks as if the Bills will be getting the starting offensive line they thought they were going to have when training camp began. Buffalo moved Jerry Ostroski to right guard with rookie Jonas Jennings playing at right tackle and John Fina at his typical left tackle position. Fina started at left tackle for Jennings vs. Miami after Jennings had re-sprained his left arch in the previous game.


Fina started at left tackle for Jennings vs. Miami after Jennings had re-sprained his left arch in the previous game. Fina went in and played his best game in a long time – this coming against vaunted Dolphins pass rusher Jason Taylor.

In practice today, Jennings looked like he had his speed back. He pull-blocked downfield fast and fluently. That's good news. Fina and Ostroski were sitting out and resting.

With Ostroski at right guard, that means Corey Hulsey gets booted from the lineup. Hulsey was playing better than he did early on, but Ostroski's experience at the position is better for the Bills at this point – though Hulsey is probably healthier …

New kicker Shayne Graham, from Virginia Tech, split the uprights on about five kicks from beyond 35 yards today. He also hit a 41-yarder with his teammates waving their hands in his face and making noise. Gregg Williams said early in the season that the distracting-the-kicker-while-he-kicks drill was going to be part of the team's Wednesday practice, but this was the first time the team did it since Steve Christie was the kicker and Williams introduced it prior to the first game.

Graham may handle kickoff duties because the Bills seem concerned that Brian Moorman won't have enough leg to punt adequately through the rest of the season if he keeps kicking too. Moorman kicked in NFL Europe for Berlin before trying out with the Bills in training camp and his leg may be tired …

Erik Flowers disclosed that the reason for his non-productive season is because he lost too much weight. Flowers told me he weighs 251 pounds, though some media reports have him at 247. At that weight, tackles aren't having much of a problem handling him. They go at him and move him out of the way. On Sunday he was on the inactive list due to the sudden emergence of Kendrick Office. Check out the next Shout! for an exclusive interview with Flowers in the Dec. 9 issue hitting newsstands Dec. 4. Or call 1-800-93-BILLS to subscribe.

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