Bills lose Losman to injury

Rookie QB J.P. Losman broke his left leg during practice Tuesday and will be out indefinitely.

He's expected to be out eight to 12 weeks. Bills doctors believe that J.P. Losman's injury is similar to one sustained last season by Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, it took Vick 3 months to recover from his injury.

The injury occured to Losman during a two minute drill. He was running in the open field when CB Troy Vincent hit him with an upper body shoulder tackle. Losman tried to get up but didn't get far before he went back on the ground.

According to Vincent,"I didn't hit him to tackle him, he was cutting back and I just happened to catch the blade of his shoulder pad," Vincent said. "I didn't know he had fallen. I just continued to run, and when I looked back, he was on the ground."

The injury isn't considered serious to the team, in that Losman had been 3rd on the Bills depth chart (the team only carried two QBs most of last season ironically due to an injury to then 3rd string QB Travis Brown. Brown has been taking reps as the team's 2nd string QB this season.

The only thing this really does is hamper Losman's development as the team's QB of the future behind Drew Bledsoe.

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