Flowers HAS NOT heard TRADE rumors

A Pro Football Weekly Dec. 4 blurb mentioned that the Bills are considering dealing Erik Flowers as part of a package deal for draft picks this off-season. Flowers was unaware of the rumor, but he didn't seem angry about, only accepting of it.


"I haven't read anything," Flowers said. "Trade me to where? I don't know anything about it. But if it happens, so be it. Whoever I end up with or picks me, they're going to get a guy that's gonna work hard and hopefully grow. But actually I know I'm going to get (my play) straightened out. My first year I was too heavy. Second year too light. Now I've got a slant on it, so whoever I end up with or some team, they're gonna get a good player … (Trades and transactions) are part of the business." …

The Bills unleashed the 46 vs. the Panthers after not running it in more than six weeks because Jerry Gray saw that Carolina and quarterback Chris Weinke had struggled against when they played the New Orleans Saints.

Rookie defensive tackle Tyrone Robertson missed a great opportunity to strengthen his chances at being the Bills' starting undertackle next season when he was declared inactive for the Dec. 9 game vs. the Panthers because he was late for a meeting earlier in the week. Robertson probably would have started for the injured Shawn Price. The rookie declined to say why he was late.

Robertson has been the Bills' best young defensive tackle, playing better than fellow draft-pick Ron Edwards and second-year man Leif Larsen. He prefers playing undertackle, shaded to the outside of the strongside guard – usually the right guard.

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