Bills name eight to practice squad

The Bills have named eight players to their practice squad this afternoon. All eight were in training camp with the Bills.

Those eight players named to the practice squad were:
  • QB Greg Zolman
  • WR Jonathan Smith
  • WR Drew Haddad
  • TE Jason Peters
  • OL Ben Sobieski
  • Jasen Esposito
  • DT Lauvale Sape
  • LB Darryl Towns

    Sape and Sobieski were on the team's practice squad at various times last year. Smith and Haddad were both 7th Round picks by the team, Smith in 2004 and Haddad in 2000. Esposito joined the team after spending times with the New England Patriots last season. Zolman has been on and off several team's rosters the past few seasons. Peters and Towns joined the Bills as undrafted free agents this season.

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