Notable Quotables from Week 2

I thought I would sift through this week's quotes to see what players and team representatives were saying just as I always do. After reading some of them this week, something triggered an urge for me to want to summarize them with commentary. I often wonder to what extent those who uttered them truly believe that intelligent fans accept them at face value. Regardless, take them with a certain degree of humor although as the adage goes, there's always a degree of truth in them.

"After they had some success, we knew they were going to keep coming," said new Bills coach and former Steelers offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. "We were able to shut it down early, but that coordinator (Ryan) will go with another path to get to you."

That silly coordinator. You think Coach…?

"What this game came down to is we didn't get the job done offensively," an obviously irritated Bledsoe said. "I didn't throw it well enough, we didn't block well enough, we didn't run well enough and didn't catch the ball well enough."

Isn't this the story of your tenure in Buffalo Drew. Why not just print a CD entitled "Drew's Press Conference" and save yourself the time after games.

"We're just killing ourselves," said defensive tackle Pat Williams. "Every week we're beating ourselves. They didn't really beat us. We beat us. Same as last week. It's depressing. It's frustrating."

Certain portions of it were also completely predictable Pat. Nice job on D for the most part!

"I'm frustrated, disappointed," receiver Eric Moulds said. "I don't think it feels like last year, but I think a lot of things we're doing are uncharacteristic of this team. Mistakes are just killing us."

You don't Eric? Well, take it from the fans, it looks an awful lot like last year. P.S. Try some gloves.

"I was screaming for it," Moulds said about downfield throws. "We did one time, the time we got a pass interference on Charles Woodson (late in the third quarter). I just told the coaches to give us a shot upfield, just throw it up and either it's going to be a pass interference or a catch. We got one of the two, and I think we've got to do more of that. We've got to use Lee's speed, and we've got to be able to throw it up to myself and do more than just stick with the run if it's not working."

We've tried this in the past too Eric with no greater results than now. And what are ya gonna do in the red zone? HINT: "It's the line stupid!" It's also Bledsoe. But hey, under the "even a stopped clock is right twice a day" mantra, you guys will "get him to go" a couple of times this season, eh. Probably against Arizona and the Steelers.

"There were a couple other plays we had called to go downfield," Bledsoe said, "but they just covered it or got quick pressure."

Huh! Imagine that. Opponents trying to cover our guys or exert pressure on you Drew. You're so graceful under pressure that I just couldn't imagine...

"If they're going to tee off on the quarterback we've got to be able to pass protect or max protect and give the receivers the chance to get downfield and try to make plays," Moulds said. "We've got to get ourselves in second-and-short and third-and-short so we can take shots."

WOOHOO!!! First intelligent quote of the day! Very good Eric. The trouble is that Tom Donahoe has neglected getting the team that kind of talent capable of generating that kind of protection. I.e., Good luck!

"We can throw some of those away when we're out of the pocket," Bills coach Mike Mularkey said. "Protection wise we just have to get more solid inside."

Intelligent quote #2! See prior response. As well, perhaps time for a "closed door" discussion with the good GM, eh... Come on Coach, the fans will back ya!

"We liked a number of matchups," Raiders coach Norv Turner said. "We had some good things going on up front."

We can see why.

"We get on the 1-yard line and two weeks in a row we don't score a touchdown," lamented Moulds, referring to last week's goal line stand by Jacksonville. "We want to be a power running team, but in order to do that you need to punch it in on third-and-1. They got in third-and-1 and they got a 7-yard gain. If that's going to be our identity, we need to correct it real fast."

"We get it on the 1 and we've got to score," said Williams. "You get opportunities like that and you've got to put it in."

"In order to beat a team we need to beat, we have to capitalize on all opportunities," linebacker Takeo Spikes said. "If you're inside the 1 we need to score. We don't need to think about three points. We need to score. Point blank. Period."

Yes fellas, but get used to it. This is the hand that your GM has dealt you.

"A disappointing crowd of 53,610 in Network Associates Coliseum saw an ugly affair." - Mark Gaughn

This may be the theme of the Bills next season and in coming years thanks to Tom Donahoe.

"I've seen him throw the ball better in games prior to this," said Bills coach Mike Mularkey. "He even said to me on the sidelines, "I'm just not getting the ball to these guys like I should be.' "

You think so Coach? Gosh! Here's a tip; when Drew is under pressure this will occur frequently. Here's another; he'll be under pressure quite a bit this season, especially now. Just wait to see how the Pats play you. Good luck!

"There were some poor throws," Bledsoe said outside the locker room in Network Associates Coliseum. "I just got to throw it better. I've got to set my feet and throw it in there a little better."

OR, you could simply retire. You've sounded like a broken record now for most of your time in Buffalo!

"Just threw it too high and probably a little bit too hard to Travis," Bledsoe said. "He couldn't pull it in and it got batted up into the air. I've got to put that ball on Travis' chest, particularly when it's a short throw like that. I threw it too high and he couldn't handle it."

Feel free to leave the "and he couldn't handle it" part off of your statements. This just in Drew, Henry is 5'10", not 7'2". Any blind man could see that he not only leaped for it but also had his hands outstretched in trying to catch that ball.

"Going against their offensive line, we knew we were going to be able to get some pressure," Raiders cornerback Ray Buchanan said. "I'm not dogging them out, but we saw on film we were going to be able to get in there."

OK, I'll dog them for you Ray. Actually, it's sad when an NFL GM has to learn the hard way that you can't make a gourmet dinner using canned goods.

Note to Coach: take this quote and post it in the locker room. Every team will approach the Bills this year on that tenet.

"We wanted to control their running game," Sapp said. "We knew (Bledsoe) wasn't going to move around much. He's a beast to bring down. God, he's a big old boy."

Ah yes, but as one of my peers wrote, Bledsoe is like a giraffe with hyenas hanging off of him under those circumstances. Regardless, once the "hyenas" are in view, he's harmless. Much more so once one of them grabs on. Going down slowly does not help the team one bit.

"We felt it was a mismatch for them. We felt that we were a little bit better than they were up front. That is normally where the game is won." – Sapp

Hmmmm.... Warren Sapp understands it. Warren, would you mind having lunch with Tom Donahoe at some point during our two-week bye period? It's on me!

"We can't take too much more," said defensive tackle Pat Williams. "It's like a damn hill. We just can't fall over the mother, it's like something is pulling us back. I don't know what it is yet, but we've got to get it straight."

OOH, OOH!! Mr. Kotter....

"I think Drew Bledsoe has thrown the ball better," Mularkey said. "I've seen him throw the ball better, and he even said to me he was sorry that he was not getting the ball to the guys."

Well, as long as he's sorry all's forgiven then! Perhaps, but it wasn't last season or this season coach! He said he was 'sorry in not getting the ball to the guys." So what?

Mularkey said part of the reason for Oakland's seven sacks was Bledsoe's inability to get rid of the ball. - Jerry McDonald, Oakland Tribune

Really coach! You think so... I thought that you guys had corrected that! Taller task than first thought, huh.

"It's disappointing," Mularkey said. "We've got some work to do. We've got two weeks here to regroup and correct some things that I think are all very correctable."

Ahh yes, and then the very beatable Patriots.... "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" comes to mind.

"It was a good call," Henry said. "We looked over the play, we just didn't get it in. If we had to do it over, we'd do the same thing."

With the line you have Travis, you could run that play ten times and I'd wager that on 8 attempts we'd fail. The result will be the same all over again in future weeks as well.


"Obviously, we're very, very disappointed with the production we put on the field," he said. "But we are going to go forward and address the problems. I'm confident we can get it turned around. I'm confident in our style of offense. We've got an outstanding coaching staff and we have talented enough guys to get it done, so we will get it done." - Bledsoe

Added coach Mike Mularkey: "As for the amount of sacks they had, this is very correctable. We can throw the ball away better and we can be more solid up front."

You're beginning to dig your own grave here coach. At some point you're going to have to ask for a redeal. The longer you go on without achieving success the bigger the hole gets. What in Bledsoe's history leads you to believe this? I would suggest waiting until after the Patriots, Jets, Fins, and Ravens games before making such statements. Then again, I advised you against taking Donahoe's stance and that this season should be nothing other than "retooling" season.

"No, we're in it together," said cornerback Troy Vincent. "Separation isn't an option. That includes ball boys, trainers, medical staff. . . . We started this thing together, and we'll end this thing together. Hey, we're 0-2. We have a lot to build from. From personal testimony, I've been in this situation before and ended up in the NFC Championship Game a year ago."

"We are a lot better than we showed," Bledsoe said. "We started slow. We've got to execute better."

Perhaps Drew. But not with you at QB.

"What this game came down to was offensively, we didn't get the job done," said Bledsoe, "I didn't throw it well enough, we didn't run it well enough, we didn't catch it well enough. We are a better offense than what we showed."

You mean you are a better offense than 10 points-per-game Drew? Wow! That's certainly reassuring! Thank you! So where are we effectively then, what? 12, 14, 16 points-per-game?

Also, generally speaking, change the "we" to "I."

There's an adage: "Fool me [us] once, shame on you. Fool me [us] twice, shame on us!"

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