Nope! Bills Aren't Ready for Prime Time or Close!

<B>In a Sentence: </B> <P> Why more people don't see this Bills team as completely and utterly predictable and offensively pathetic is well beyond reason.

Game Grades:

QB: F- IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Hello JP! Hopefully permanently!

For those fans that can't let go:

Come on, sing along with full visuals…

Perhaps that will be the new game day music for home games.

Hopefully Losman will start the rest of the way. It still pains many-a-fan to consider that the Bills could have had $8 million clean by releasing Humpty Dumpty prior to the season. Oh, what $8 million could have done for the offensive line.

Yesterday's game should signal the final admission of failure for Commander Tom's biggest, most costly player move in terms of time, money, cap space, and opportunity cost. It is very rare for rookie QBs to step in and play like Ben Roethlisburger has this season. What Bills fans saw yesterday night was rookie jitters and "learning curve" stuff that would be in the best interests of the team to shake out over the last seven games to the maximum extent possible.

The Bills not doing this would signal the continuation of their attempting to sledgehammer a square peg through the proverbial round hole.

RB: D- On McGahee v. Henry:

Apparently there is a difference in rushing vs. the league's worst rushing defenses and those ranked even mediocre in that department let alone much higher.


In game 1 vs. the Pats, coming off of two horrendous losses with ridiculously stale offensive performance otherwise, with new coaches just finding their way around, with an "ungelled" offensive line,

Henry: 24 for 98, 4.1 yards-per-carry, 13 long, 1 reception for 10 yards.

In game 2 coming off of two straight wins, although under favorable circumstances, and three-of-four wins last four vs. two pathetic opponents, with far more "gelled" line and team play and more settled and steady-state coaching having had half a season to figure it all out,

McGahee: 14 for 37, 2.6 yards-per-carry, 11 long, 1 reception for 12 yards.

Also, McGahee struggled, as he has often this season, on punching it in at the goal line. He failed from the 1-yard line on the two-point try. He has not proven, counter to perceptions, an ability to punch it in on short goal-to-go situations. Two of his three touchdowns to date this season have come from 5 and 12 yards. He has failed on numerous one or two yard attempts at the goal line. Versus Arizona, he failed on 1st-and-goal at the 2-yard line, then again on 2nd-and-goal at the 1-yard line, and was only able to generate his first short-yardage touchdown run on the third attempt. Yet, some talk about him as if he is like Jerome Bettis was in his prime down at the goal line.

On a two-point conversion from the 1-yard line following a Rodney Harrison roughing the passer penalty, McGahee could not even break the line-of-scrimmage on the run.

WR: D A tough call given the horrendous play from Humpty. Moulds made a key error on not keeping his feet in by leaping when he did not have to costing the Bills a key first down and drive. There were several other drops.

TE: D+ Blocking was nothing special nor was receiving.

OL: C- OK at times, poor at others. Poor overall against a front-7 against which it typically should not have the extent of issues that it had if it were anything close to what many say this line is. Clearly it isn't.

DL: F This group cannot generate any pass rush on its own, ever. Given that it allowed 428 net yards, nearly half on rushing, any other grade here would be remiss. Aaron Schobel, while good at pass rushing, is a pass rush specialist and little else.

LB: D+ See above.

DB: D Brady, even somewhat off on the evening, ripped this pass defense apart.

Coaching: F Is there a justification for anything else!

Overall: F Ditto! The team was neither prepared nor motivated for this game. The lack of talent at many spots will simply be glanced over.

Offense: F- Let's put it this way, the offensive MVP was Jonathon Smith and the special teams.

125 total net yards.
50 yards rushing on 2.9 yards-per-carry.
75 net yards passing on a 9-of-21 performance netting 75 yards passing.
3 sacks, 4 interceptions, 5 total turnovers
8 total first downs
A time-of-possession ration of well over 2-to-1 in the Pats favor with the Bills at 18:38 on the game.
Kickoff returns on seven returns netted more than the entirety of the Bills' total offensive output; 142-to-131.
2.9 yards-per-carry; 3.0 yards-per-play; 3.1 yards-per-pass

Defense: F A notch above the offense.

10 different Patriot receivers caught the ball.
208 yards of rushing allowed on 4.6 yards-per-carry.
428 total net yards allowed
273 total net yards allowed in the first half
Corey Dillon had 151 rushing yards on nearly six yards-per-carry.

Special Teams: B+ This unit is the only unit that played tonight. Alas, it did not set up the customary points for the offense to cherry pick. That is the biggest difference in this game due to the Bills having played an opponent capable of moving the ball. This unit scored the only six points of the game for the Bills.

The Good:

Was there any good other than Jonathan Smith and the special teams?


The Bad:

The Bills have no pass rush without a blitz! No, I don't buy the nonsense that the Bills linemen are not trying to rush the passer and get to the QB on passing plays. What is the point of even leaving them on the line then in passing situations; just put in seven linebackers and/or extra defensive backs.

"Breath of relief" moments for the Bills:

Harrison's dropped interception try on a telecasted throw from Humpty to Moulds.
Brady's overthrow of Givens with Givens five yards ahead of Reese and Fletcher on coverage on the second drive.
The Patriot receiver having slipped on the play setting up the Bills sole interception and solitary bright spot on the evening.

Humpty's first INT was horrific! It was nowhere near the intended receiver Moulds. The second and third ones were equally horrid.

Coverage was slop! It looked utterly disarrayed.

Even when the Bills knew that the Pats were going to run the ball they were helpless.

There's more, but why bother. This team has shown little progress on the season if any and little over last season, again, if any. Presently, the Bills have scored more points as a team per-game than only the Redskins and Dolphins. This team may very well actually be worse than last season's team insofar as the offense and defense go. Special teams is improved, but that is about it.

To date this Bills team's offense is 19 points, over 2 points-per-game below last season's offensive scoring performance to date.


It would have saved an enormous amount of time by simply re-posting the pregame piece and converting it from pre tense to past tense. The game was effectively over when the Pats hit 20 just prior to the half. Sadly, even the final score, 29-6 does not even paint the picture of how lopsided this game was. Tom Brady was off on many of his throws. Had he not been off, this game easily could have accelerated well into the 40s or even 50s for the Pats.

The Bills have not put up more than 20 offensive points this season vs. any other team than Arizona and then only on a barrage of set-ups by the D and special teams which were not going to occur vs. a much more sound and efficient offense such as the Patriots. Considering that the Pats were bound to score even more, this game was out of reach for the Bills at the half. The pregame piece scripted this game relatively well.

As well, what happened? I thought McGahee single-handedly brought this team back and is hands down better than Travis Henry? Well, and call me a fool, but it would appear that the basis for that just eroded on Sunday night.

First of all, with the Bills utter inability to move the ball this season and with the strength of the team clearly being solid defense, and given the fact that it has been the defense and special teams that have been setting up the offense well within the opponents' half of the field for scores, why on earth would the Bills elect to receive likely setting up poor field position for the entire first half! It did not work out that way, but only fortunately so.

In fact, and ironically, the very first drive of the game was the longest on the night at 45 yards. If that had not been the case, then the Bills would have dug themselves an enormous pit via their own choosing right from the get-go. I highly question that judgement. When the D is your strength and your offense is putrid you do not elect to receive on the road on Sunday night where your recent history is ridiculously putrid regarding your ability to move the ball let alone score on the merits of your offense.

There appears to be new ways each week for this team to drive home to the entire NFL why this franchise is not moving forward. It will be a real treat to see what it is next week!

In the pregame piece it was pointed out that if the Bills D lapsed again in the first half, then it would be over by the half. Hello!

First half:

Average starting field position for the Bills in the first half was their own 32-yard line. Result: 0 points.

Average starting field position for the Pats in their first four drives was their own 14-yard line. Result: 13 points.

The fifth drive, handed to them by Humpty on an INT.

First half net yardage: Pats: 273, Bills: 77
First half rushing yardage: Pats: 116, Bills: 44
First half rushing average: Pats: 6.4 yards-per-carry, Bills: 3.7 yards-per-carry
First half net passing yards: Pats: 157, Bills: 33
First half 3rd-down conversions: Pats: 6-of-9, Bills: 0-for-3

To those believers that McGahee is all that and a bag of chips at the present time, what happened? Word was the Willis was a bulldozer! There is plenty of work yet to do to get McGahee playing better than Henry.

My Take:

If I have to deal with one more e-mail attempting to explain to me how the coaching staff has turned Humpty around my head is going to explode! How much longer are Commander Tom and the coaching staff going to begin seeing reality here? It's time to start thinking about nothing but the future fellas! You've failed in that regard! Experiment over! Anything more is simply resultant of an inability to let go and fans and media will begin to question your judgment. This team is being run into the ground. This is not a good sign when rumors of the Bills being on the short list for moving to Los Angeles are being bandied about in the media.

Again, McGahee is nowhere close to being what the Bills thought they were getting when they acquired him. This is not to say he cannot achieve that, but to date he has been given the status without the proof. This game should hammer home that an ability to have a good rushing game vs. the Cards and Dolphins does not make you solid. The Giants posted 147 rushing yards vs. Cards yesterday on the road in Arizona while the Bills posted 128 in Buffalo vs. the Cards. McGahee had 3.4 yards-per-carry while Tiki Barber had 5.2 yards-per-carry.

But heck, many Bills fans standards have gotten so low that many are simply happy to see warm bodies emerging from the tunnel.

This season is O-V-E-R!!!

It is time to start taking inventory of who may or may not be around next season and start giving those players playing time, particularly the young guys and would-be starters next season. Since Commander Tom's tenure this team has taken a nosedive from talent, respect, and coaching/management perspectives. Future seasons are now at stake. Further folly may ruin this team for seasons to come. The Bills need to begin to give serious consideration as to which players this team will release for age reasons following this season. They then need to begin to formulate a plan for moving forward. Alas, first the team must be led by someone possessing that capability.

This team is more than a single season away from being competitive. By the time the team is playoff competitive, a good number of the current "name" players, essentially the core of this team, will be well past prime and commanding more money and consideration than they are worth.

The Bills need to find someone that is capable of managing this team with some viable fresh talent coming through the ranks via one method or another and not someone that uses name perceptions to create a marketing monster on paper but a toothless tiger on the field. They'll likely grasp at individual victories over halfway decent opponents, but it should be clear at this point, crystal clear that is, that this team is about as far away from being able to beat three or four teams in a string of playoff games, let alone even a single one, as the East is from the West.

To hold on to ridiculous hopes of "making the playoffs" simply because the team is not mathematically eliminated is absurd. Anyone with the IQ of a shoetree realizes full well that this is not a playoff caliber team or anything even close. It simply can't score and in order to even reach .500 it would have to finish out 5-2 with four of the remaining seven games on the road where the Bills simply play pathetically vice merely bad offensively speaking. At this point there is not a game on the schedule that is not at risk for a loss including the Miami game in three weeks.

Note to coaching staff: Have some grace and at least save some face for yourselves and reserve the excuse that you were "starting the younger players in anticipation of the future." If this present trend continues you're only digging your own grave.

What's next in the Humpty saga remains to be seen. We can be sure that in the minds of the coaching staff with a 45 in their backs from Commander Tom that "Humpty is still the QB to bring us to the promised land!" What now? He only plays at home? Vs. teams ranked among the bottom third or otherwise in games where there is some incredible mitigating circumstance? Perhaps if the team gives away more Humpty bobblehead dolls it will help?

Oh, the soap opera continues. The Q&A by Commander Tom and Coach Mularkey ought to be a real hoot this week.

This game was so pathetic that commentary is not even necessary quite frankly. Bills fans should now begin to fear the future of the next several seasons at this point. If this type of management of the team continues this team appears to be well under way to becoming the league's next laughing stock. My biggest fears regarding this once proud franchise are beginning to come home to roost!


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